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Weidmüller is presenting its new 'TERMSERIES variants' at the Hanover Trade Fair in Hall 11, Stand B 60 from 13.04.2015 until 17.04.2015

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- Weidmüller is expanding its TERMSERIES range: New variants provide a reliable and durable way of switching inductive and capacitive loads.
- Greater contact reliability and a longer service life when subjected to industrial loads.
- Full 16 A switching capacity, just 12.8 mm wide, and no need to install any additional cross-connections.

Weidmüller is expanding its proven TERMSERIES family of products to include new, high-performance variants capable of reliably and durably switching inductive and capacitive loads. Featuring an especially compact design and a slim width of just 12.8 mm, the new variants fit just about anywhere on the DIN rail. They have a full 16 A switching capacity without the need to install any additional cross-connections. The new TERMSERIES modules also shorten cabling times thanks to Plug & Play.

Generally speaking, industrial loads consist of either a capacitive element or an inductive element. This shortens relay contacts' service lives, due to the sparks produced during switch-on and switch-off processes. This is no longer a problem with the new TERMSERIES variants, since Weidmüller is equipping them with relays featuring a contact arrangement and contact material designed specifically for industrial loads. Whether they're deployed in cabinet construction, machinery and plant engineering, wind energy, robotics or in the marine, offshore and marine engineering segments - the compact TERMSERIES variants allow users to safely, reliably and durably switch industrial loads measuring up to 16 A.

Weidmüller has added three new products to its TERMSERIES range. The first is a 16 A CO contact, designed to switch industrial loads such as infrared heaters, pumps and small contactors. The AgNi contact material is suitable for switching low loads too. Weidmüller is offering a wide variety of input voltages for this module, ranging from 5 VDC to 230 VAC/DC. The second solution is a 16 A HC (high current) NO contact, which is deployed to switch inductive loads such as solenoid valves, power contactors and motors. Thanks to its AgSnO contact material and large contact clearance, this NO contact has proven itself to be resistant to both loss of contact material and welding. The third product is a 16 A HCP (high current peak) NO contact, which users utilise to switch capacitive loads such as LED ballasts, light strips and switched-mode power supply units. It is characterised by its AgSnO contact material and advanced tungsten contact, and thus prevents contact welding during switch-on processes involving capacitive loads. Both NO contacts are available with 24 VDC and a multiple voltage input of 24-230 VAC/DC.

Weidmüller has also made a couple of amendments to its range. The new TOS/TOZ variant, which is a 12.8 mm solid-state relay with an increased DC switching capacity of 5 A (previously 3.5 A), switches loads in a wear-free and quiet manner. And, last but not least, there's the TRS/TRZ AgSnO variant. Users deploy the slim relay, which measures just 6 mm wide and is equipped with AgSnO contacts, to switch low capacitive loads, such as those that occur in LED lamps, contactors with a wide-range input and small switched-mode power supply units. The TOS/TOZ variant has 24 VDC and a multi-voltage input, while the TRS/TRZ AgSnO module features a 24 VDC input.

Weidmüller's supply terminals, partition plates, cross-connections, other relay modules and solid-state relay variants are combined to form an extensive range of products designed to isolate and amplify signals. Power is available without restrictions, so you benefit from full switching current at each connection thanks to the internal cross-connection system. The special highlight is the 24-230 VAC/DC multi-voltage input, which can be used with all relay variants.

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