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Weidmüller MultiCard: The new MultiCard variants SwitchMark and TM-I 23 are convincing solutions right down to the smallest detail

Systemised marking / Industrial identification of electrical installations and switchgear

(PresseBox) (Detmold, ) Weidmüller is expanding its MultiCard system with the new SwitchMark (SM 27/18-22 and SM 36/18-30) and TM-I 23 variants. The practical, extremely well-coordinated marking system identifies modular terminals, conductors, cables, devices and systems independent of their manufacturer. Users thus ensure clarity in their cabinets, in addition to simplifying installation and maintenance activities. On the one hand, the extended range of marking products delivers greater user benefits thanks to the new variety of applications. On the other, these new solutions reduce costs, optimise workflows and comply with current safety regulations. Take the new SwitchMark markers, for example. They combine both a holder and an identification label function in a single product. Or the new TM-I 23, which complements the TM-I family and offers optimum conductor identification. The multifunctional and robust marking solutions from Weidmüller allow users to work efficiently, flexibly and quickly. Thanks to their MultiCard format, the new markers can be printed directly in colour using the Weidmüller PrintJet ADVANCED.

At Weidmüller, software (M-Print® Pro), markers (connector, conductor and device markers) and printers (inkjet and thermal transfer printers) are designed as part of a consistent overall system. This ranges from the planning process and simply importing the CAE data, through selecting and designing practical markers, to ordering, printing (via an appropriate printer) and simple handling.

Weidmüller is expanding its MultiCard range with the new MultiCard variants SwitchMark (SM 27/18-22 and SM 36/18-30) and TM-I 23. The new variants provide clarity in cabinets, thereby simplifying both installation and maintenance processes. The Weidmüller marking system is also characterised by practice-oriented and coordinated solutions, enabling manufacturer-independent identification of modular terminals, conductors, cables and systems. Weidmüller covers an impressively wide range of applications with its marking systems, which convince right down to the smallest detail. All of the marking solutions help to reduce costs, optimise work processes and comply with current safety regulations.

Unique, coloured identification is essential for controlling command and signal devices in a faultless and secure fashion. The SwitchMark system designed specifically for this purpose covers the entire range of applications. Two special characteristics set the new SwitchMark markers apart. First, they combine a button holder and marking area in a single product. Second, thanks to their MultiCard format, the SwitchMark markers are directly printable in colour using the Weidmüller PrintJet ADVANCED - a clear process that also saves on material. Both the SwitchMark variants - SM 27/18-22 and SM 36/18-30 - are self-adhesive and stick directly onto the assembly surface. They are easy to adjust and offer a secure hold. The SM 27/18-22 variant combines marker and holder functions for button holes measuring up to 22 mm in diameter. The SM 36/18-30 marker variant also doubles as a holder. After printing, the SwitchMark marker can be attached to the button for holes with a diameter of up to 30 mm.

The new TM-I 23 marker complements the TM-I family with respect to optimum conductor identification and can be used for conventional sleeves. With a label length of 23 mm, the TM-I 23 is suitable for up to 16 characters. The project marking surface typical of the MultiCard markers offers maximum clarity during isolation and assembly. Assembly or label change processes can be performed with ease either before or after the sleeves are attached.

Both the SwitchMark SM 27/18-22 and SM 36/18-30 markers (printing area: 27 mm wide x 18 mm long and 36 mm wide x 18 mm long respectively) and the TM-I 23 (printing area: 4 mm wide x 23 mm long) are manufactured from Polyamide 66 with a flammability rating of V-2 pursuant to UL 94. All the new variants guarantee reliable use in a wide range of temperatures from - 40 °C to + 100 °C.

SwitchMark markers in the neutral MultiCard format are available as self-adhesive solutions in white or grey. TM-I 23 markers, also in the neutral MultiCard format, are self-adhesive and available in white, red, yellow or blue. Customer-specific MultiCard special prints are available on request.

Weidmüller marking solutions cover all cabinet-related applications. And the motto is: more variants, less material complexity. For example, the electronic components in the modular terminal format are identified using the same markers as modular terminals, significantly reducing the time and effort required for marking, due to the fact that users have to order and store fewer variants.

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