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Weidmüller MetalliCard - metal markers for the automotive industry. Daimler AG is relying on metal markers from Weidmüller to identify equipment and cables in its global production sites

Seven industrial metal marker variants for Daimler, in accordance with the Integra Standard

(PresseBox) (Detmold, ) Weidmüller MetalliCards - metal markers - are continuing with their success story. Originally, it all began with just ten variants, then Weidmüller gradually expanded its portfolio. There are currently 25 variants in a wide range of sizes, available in both aluminium and stainless steel designs. The automotive industry is also an important field of application, as it has particularly high requirements with regard to the signs used to identify equipment and cables. Daimler AG is now using seven variants of Weidmüller's aluminium industrial metal markers all over the world in its production sites. The markers meet Daimler's stringent Integra Standard for the automotive industry.

Weidmüller has agreed to supply seven variants (sizes: 85.6 mm x 27 mm; 18 mm x 52 mm; 11 mm x 60 mm; 27 mm x 70 mm; 43 mm x 70 mm; 12 mm x 40 mm and 17 mm x 60 mm) of the metal cards listed under the Integra Standard (Daimler's company standard) as standard. In supplying Daimler with MetalliCard products, Weidmüller is providing the company with tried-and-tested metal markers. The 0.5-mm-thick silver markers, which are used to identify equipment or cables, are made of aluminium, or more specifically, aluminium with a chrome coating (AL). The operating temperature of this material ranges from -55°C to +130°C. The metal plates are installed using either rivets, adhesives, stainless steel cable connectors or holders, thus ensuring a high degree of flexibility.

Daimler was impressed by Weidmüller's perfectly coordinated product range, designed according to the premise of "systemised marking". This ensures that labelling in and around the cabinet is extremely simple. One printer, one piece of software and one ink type are all you need for optimised processes. Many Daimler suppliers in the control and plant manufacture segment are already using a "PrintJet ADVANCED". They are therefore working without the need to make any new investments thanks to their proven printer and software package. In offering its universal solution consisting of metal and plastic markers, a printer and software, Weidmüller is providing users with a reliable system that requires next to no manual work and, above all, means that companies can become less dependent on external service providers. With respect to the Weidmüller system, users do not require an oven or similar additional devices, eliminating the need to make extra investments in special systems. Consequently, users don't have to worry about manually setting the heating parameters or the heating time. The coordinated overall system allows for a high degree of individuality - since users are given a free rein in creating layouts and data is easily acquired from other systems. Whether its high-quality coloured graphics, characters or logos - they can be created to meet any requirements. Long delivery times for pre-printed marker variants are also consigned to the past. By offering "systemised marking", Weidmüller is setting a new market standard.

Systemised marking - for perfect integration

The "PrintJet ADVANCED" can be perfectly integrated in a wealth of industrial processes. It can be used to create professional and standardised industrial markings pursuant to IEC 60204-1, which form the basis of error-free operation and safe maintenance of industrial systems. In the Weidmüller system, a single software package covers the entire process - from the CAD workstation through to implementing the cabinet components. Data from leading CAE systems can therefore be accepted without any problems. The "PrintJet ADVANCED", which prints plastic and metal markers as standard, is setting new standards with respect to labelling performance, handling, the printed design and longevity. Whether used to create coloured or black-and-white markings, the printer cuts an impressive figure with the convenient Plug&Play system, offering the very best in print quality and even creating customised logos, warning symbols and data matrix codes. Thanks to the embedded PC with pre-installed software components and standard layouts, users are able to implement their orders quickly. The printer, which is configured with 25 different languages, is intuitive to operate thanks to the 5.7" TrueColor TFT Touch Panel, which can be swivelled and tilted into the user's desired position. The technology used includes the inkjet process of water-based ink with integrated thermal fixing. It offers high-quality printing with 600 or 1,200 dpi. The printer and M-Print® PRO labelling software require Microsoft Windows® XP, Windows® Vista or Windows® 7. The markers are ready for use after 5 1/2 minutes.

On the strength of their material properties, MetalliCard markers meet the most stringent of requirements. They are demonstrably resistant to high temperatures, extensive climate changes, UV radiation and other chemical and physical environmental influences. MetalliCards are designed in the high protection class IP X9 K (high-pressure / steam-jet cleaning) pursuant to DIN EN 60529; VDE 0470-1.

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