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Weidmüller D-SERIES

(PresseBox) (Detmold, ) Weidmüller D-SERIES - industrial relay modules: high-performance relay module series with long service life for numerous industrial applications. - contact series connection, in-built blowout magnets and low-wear contacts prevent arcing.

Weidmüller's D-SERIES industrial relay modules offer outstanding performance and long service lives. The relay modules of the D-SERIES are designed especially for demanding industrial applications. They are used in situations where combinations of relays have to meet exacting requirements in an industrial environment, for example high voltage levels and load currents acting on the actuators, e.g. when activating motors, solenoid valves or brakes in machine construction. In addition to having a much longer service life, the D-SERIES relay modules are highly reliable, thus minimising maintenance and/or replacement costs.

Weidmüller designed the D-SERIES relay modules for universal use in industry. The D-SERIES industrial relay modules are used where high voltage levels and load currents act on the actuators, e.g. when activating motors, solenoid valves or brakes in machine construction.

Demands increase when large amounts of current are used. Numerous industrial applications use voltages between 110 and 220 V to control actuators. With load currents in excess of 100 mA, these high voltages cause wear-intensive arcing on the relay contacts. But this does not happen with the D-SERIES relay modules: contact series connection, in-built blowout magnets and low-wear contacts effectively prevent unwanted arcing and ensure a longer service life. The series connection of the contacts and the blowout magnet that quickly extinguishes arcs reduce contact burn-off at loads of up to 220 V DC/10 A. Various contact materials (AgNi, AgSnO, AgCdO) make the D-Series products highly suited to low, medium and high loads.

Convenient operation is ensured by an optional LED status display (AC red, DC green) and an optional test button (AC red, DC blue). Furthermore, Weidmüller equips its D-SERIES relay modules with a wealth of accessories: relay bases, markers and pluggable pre-wiring (e.g. LED or free-wheel diode) improve flexibility in use. The wide range of coil voltages from 5 VDC to 380 VAC enables use with virtually any control voltage.

Relay modules (each with an AC/DC coil) are available in the following variants: DRM relays (2 and 4 CO) have a compact design, high switching capacity and wide range of coil voltages. DRL power relays (1 up to 4 CO) have good wear resistance with AC loads and high dielectric strength (2000 V). DRW power relays (2 CO or 3 CO) are suited to switching high load voltages. DRH DC relays (1 NO or 1 NC and 2 NO or 1 NO/1 NC) are used to switch high DC loads. DRR power relays (2 CO and 3 CO) are suitable as 8/11-pole relays with a switching capacity of 2500 VA. The PWR high-power relay (1 NO and 2 NO) with a max. load current or 30 A or 25 A is the final product in the range.

The robustly configured and reliable relay modules of the D-SERIES operate in a wide ambient temperature range: DC from - 40 °C to + 60 °C and AC from - 40 °C to + 55 °C.

The D-SERIES relay modules are CE-conform and certified by the German TÜV. They hold the international cULus approval.

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