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Weidmüller ACT20P analogue signal converter: reliably isolate and convert analogue current signals at the transfer level

Suitable for HART transparent communication

(PresseBox) (Detmold, ) Weidmüller presents its new ACT20P analogue signal converters, facilitating reliable isolation and conversion of analogue current signals at the transfer level. They belong to the ACT20 series of signal converters. ACT20P signal isolating converters provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for signal conditioning and galvanic isolation of current signals. The new ACT20P devices easily integrate with a HART communication system as they forward telegrams transparently to HART devices.

With its ACT20P analogue signal converters, Weidmüller is bringing to market a new member of its ACT20 signal converter series. Plant sensors send differing analogue current signals depending on whether they are used to measure temperature, pressure, weight or distance. This often produces unwanted transients, which can lead to faults and destroy the controller inputs. In systems and processes that are controlled by analogue current signals, the new ACT20P signal isolating converters offer a reliable and economical solution for signal conditioning and galvanic isolation of current signals. All three variants of the ACT20P signal converter reliably protect controllers and remote I/O inputs against transients and voltage spikes. Moreover, the space-saving ACT20P is designed for adapting a wide variety of signal types to standard signals. With its technical capabilities the ACT20P signal converter emerges as a cost-effective, universal solution for all standard tasks requiring analogue isolation and conversion of current signals.

An example of the Weidmüller ACT20P signal converter in use is interference-free data acquisition in the water treatment industry. Quality values are checked at the final stage of water purification. This involves transmitting measuring instrument signals from the control box at the final sedimentation tank over several hundred meters to the plant control room, where they are recorded, analysed and stored.

The ACT20P signal converters integrate easily with a HART communication system, as they forward telegrams transparently to HART devices.

ACT20P signal converters also impress with their rugged build quality and ease of use. Individually configurable protection against mis-mating ensures that connections are always right. Devices are rapidly exchangeable thanks to a convenient release lever which permits easy removal of the female plugs. The slim design of ACT20P devices - only 12.5 mm wide for two channels - occupies little space in the control cabinet (114 mm deep, 117.2 mm high). They easily snap into place on TS35 mounting rails.

Weidmüller offers its ACT20P signal converters in three variants: ACT20P-CI-CO signal converter, ACT20P-CI-2CO signal splitter and ACT20P-2CI-2CO-12 signal converter.

The new signal converters are CE and UL certified; they also comply with international standards EN 61010-1, IEC61010-1 as well as IEC61326-1 and IEC 61000-6-4.

Joining the ACT20P signal converters to round off the Weidmüller product range are the intrinsically safe ACT20X signal converter and the powerful yet compact ACT20M signal converter, measuring just 6 mm wide.

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