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The Weidmüller OMNIMATE service has been expanded with new, extensive OMNIMATE component libraries for PCB design software

For fast and professional PCB design

(PresseBox) (Detmold, ) Weidmüller is offering a new service in the OMNIMATE segment. In offering its extensive component libraries for PCB design software, Weidmüller is expanding its range of services. In addition to the new component libraries, the range now includes the "application-oriented product recommendation" Internet-based selection aid and the already-established 72-hour sample service. Thanks to the component libraries created specifically for PCB terminals and plug-in connectors of the OMNIMATE product series, users can design PCBs quickly and professionally. As the leading supplier and pioneer of device connection and housing technology, Weidmüller is thus supporting the entire design-in process with expert application knowledge and tried-and-tested solution expertise.

Device and electronics developers as well as PCB layout specialists will be familiar with the time-consuming process that is creating footprints and circuit symbols. Weidmüller is now offering design software for various printed circuit boards as another service available for download. These software packages also go by the name of EDA (electronic design automation) systems and are essentially extensive component libraries of PCB terminals and PCB plug-in connectors. Libraries are available for the Mentor Graphics Expedition, Mentor Graphics Pads and Altium Designer EDA systems (from versions 7.9.5, 9.x and 10.0 respectively).

The libraries created by Weidmüller take into account the globally recognised IPC standards (drawn up by the Association of Connecting Electronics Industries). Level B (nominal) is applied in the case of hole diameters and pad geometries according to IPC-7251 (THT components)* / IPC-7351 (SMD components)*. To make it even easier for users to create circuits in the Altium Designer and Mentor Graphics Pads systems, the components are available as single and so-called complete models.

As well as a great deal of data on selecting components, all of the libraries also contain links to the Weidmüller Product Catalogue. This allows users to quickly access the current product data sheets.

Users are granted access to the libraries as follows: In the catalogue, all of the products in a product family that are available in the library feature a download option. Following a simple registration process, the user promptly receives an e-mail containing a link to download the required library. All they have to is "unzip the library, paste it into the EDA system and install the product required in the device". This makes it a fast, customisable and competent service.

The OMNIMATE device connection technology segment includes the Signal, Power and Housings product lines. Now offering three service packages, Weidmüller supports each and every customer in the development of innovative devices. As yet another new service offering, the "application-oriented product recommendation" Internet-based selection aid, complements the already-established 72-hour sample service. By clicking on the link, customers are taken directly to the OMNIMATE device connection technology area, where a selection window with various applications opens. For different device functions, users will find a detailed recommendation for the connection solution that suits them best, be it for the motor connection, DC intermediate circuit, external I/O components or the power supply. Finally, the free 72-hour sample service allows users to quickly place orders for their selected components from anywhere in the world.

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