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Complete solution for intrinsically safe electrical circuits

Signal converter ACT20X and VARITECTOR SPC EX for lightning and surge protection

(PresseBox) (Detmold, ) Weidmüller offers a complete solution for intrinsically safe electrical circuits in hazardous area applications from Zone 2 through to Zone 0 in the form of its ACT20X signal converter for measurement and control signals and its pluggable lightning and surge protection module VARITECTOR SPC EX. Installed close to the sensor ACT20X signal isolator/converters offer excellent features to electrically isolate the control level from the sensor level and reliably generate standard signals. Just 12.5 mm wide the output-current loop-powered module ACT20X-HUI-SAO-LP offers an intrinsically safe input for standard DC, temperature and resistance signals, and in so doing isolates the hazardous zone from the safe area by design. However, these features alone are not sufficient if there is a lighting strike or conducted lightning interference. This is where the VARITECTOR SPC EX, which it is possible to install in direct proximity to the sensor in hazardous area Zones 2, 1 and 0, provides reliable protection against overvoltage surges and signal failures within intrinsically safe signal circuits. Tested to the latest user and product standards as well as current ATEX Directives the lightning and surge protection module offers maximum protection and clean signals. It is also suitable for deployment in technical processing systems in compliance with the latest standards. In these systems it protects measurement probes and signal converters, isolators and controls against overvoltage surges and conducted lightning interference. A solution that guarantees interference-free system operations. Power is reliably supplied by the high-performance PRO-H family of switch-mode power supplies with ATEX and Class I Div. 2 approvals.

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Key word: Lightning and surge protection for intrinsically safe circuits

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