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Maria Soell, the Paper and Film Processor, plans Real-Time Production

Supply chain optimization reduces warehouse and revolving stock by 17%

(PresseBox) (München, ) In recent months, Maria Soell GmbH & Co. KG, a specialist in the processing of paper and plastic films, introduced a supply chain management solution designed by Wassermann AG. The goal of the project was to enable the company to provide clear delivery date confirmations, a high level of adherence to schedules, and the ability to react quickly to change requests. The project, which combined an internal reorganization with the implementation of the new software, has just been successfully completed. With the flexibility to conduct real-time simulations of various planning scenarios, Maria Soell can now plan and control all production processes with wayRTS (Real Time Simulation), an Advanced Planning & Scheduling software developed by Wassermann AG. During process optimization and the implementation of the software, Maria Soell was already able to reduce the capital tied up in the production process by over one million Euros.

Based in Nidda, in the German state of Hesse, Maria Soell GmbH & Co. KG is an owner-operated enterprise that has been active in paper and film processing for the manufacture of multi-use packaging materials and silicon paper since 1922. In 2006 the company’s 120 employees generated approximately 28 million euros in revenues. Maria Soell attaches great importance to keeping its production technology up to date. Approximately 8 percent of annual revenues are invested in innovations and the optimization of production processes.

In September of 2006, Maria Soell contracted Wassermann AG to create a target concept and reorganize planning and production processes with the aim of achieving a flexible and profitable organization and excellent adherence to schedules. The project’s goals, as communicated to the Wassermann consultants, included boosting productivity, reducing processing times and stock, and achieving an almost perfect adherence to delivery dates. The supply chain experts then analyzed the specifics of Maria Soell’s production processes and developed a concept for realizing full process transparency, from the applied technologies to production and delivery.

Transparent Planning and Flexibility with wayRTS

The implementation of wayRTS for the planning of all time-sensitive processes, including raw material logistics and prepress, began early in 2007. Thanks to the software’s seamless integration with Maria Soell’s existing MOD.X ERP system, an all-encompassing capacity, scheduling, and machine assignment planning system has been created. "In the middle of the project phase in June of 2007, we were already able to reduce our warehouse and revolving stock by 17 percent, from six million euros to five. Given this development, the Wassermann project will pay for itself within seven months," explains Bernd Kröher, Supply Chain Director at Maria Soell.

Within just a few months, Maria Soell achieved a high degree of planning assurance, a reduction in processing times and a significant decrease in capital commitments thanks to the new managerial options and high transparency in planning and production offered by the system. "We’re extremely satisfied with the transparency that has been introduced over the entire process chain, the punctual procurement of purchased parts, as well as the boost in productivity that has been attained—and all this with a significant reduction in the amount of effort required to plan production. wayRTS has also allowed us to avoid negative impacts associated with extra shifts and overtime, which also serves to increase employee motivation," adds managing partner Stefan Steinmeier following the completion of the supply chain optimization in September of 2007.

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Maria Soell GmbH & Co. KG

Based in Nidda, in the German state of Hesse, the company has been active since 1922 as a paper and film processor with a high level of expertise and modern technologies. Maria Soell offers a versatile range of multi-use packaging and silicon-paper products manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities. Thanks to professional market analysis, Maria Soell is successful in a number of niches in the food industry (including packaging for dairy products, spices and soups), and also manufactures technical products for the cosmetics sector. The owner-operated enterprise with around 120 employees generates annual revenues of approximately 28 million Euros. Maria Soell GmbH & Co. KG invests approximately 8 percent of its annual revenues in production technology.

Wassermann AG

The approach adopted by the Wassermann Management Consultants combines industry best practices with innovative consulting concepts and extensive IT expertise. Wassermann offers consulting in the fields of smart manufacturing, distribution and after-sales services, procurement management, and information technology, with measurable and sustainable benefits for its customers always having top priority.

In the field of software solutions, the way standard software adds valuable SCM functionality to ERP applications. This leads to integrated overall solutions, enabling vertically and horizontally integrated process planning and controlling. The result: Companies become more efficient, more transparent, and more profitable.

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