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Walther Trowal offers more reliable finishing results... by eliminating the foaming problems in mass finishing processes

Highly efficient cleaning of work pieces / No matter what water hardness you must work with, the newly developed broadband compounds are considerably less foaming

(PresseBox) (Haan, ) Walther Trowal is the only supplier in the industry offering compounds for the surface finishing of metal parts which work entirely independent from the hardness of the process water and produce practically no foam. This is great news for the users, because their "trowalizing" processes run now absolutely stable irrespective of the ambient operating conditions. Since they contain synthetically manufactured raw materials instead of soap, the new compounds also contribute to a cleaner environment.[/b]

With soap-based compounds the optimum balance between a good cleaning effect and acceptable foaming has been limited to a very narrow water hardness range. Even minor fluctuations of the water hardness could jeopardize the stability of the entire finishing process.

The solution - Special surfactants

With the new broadband compounds trowal KRA, trowal SGK and trowal KRS Walther Trowal was able to completely eliminate the negative effects of the water hardness. This guarantees absolutely stable finishing processes over a wide range of process water hardness. 

The new compounds contain special surfactants instead of different types of soaps. The result: Very little foaming under practically any operating condition and extremely simple handling. Auxiliary compounds like de-foamers, hardness-augmenting agents or, for some applications, additional machinery are no longer required. "Foam parties" are a thing of the past, at least in the field of mass finishing.

With their wide application range relative to the water hardness the new compounds offer a high degree of operational stability: The hardness of the process water is not a limiting factor anymore. This means that the user does no longer have to choose between different water supply companies, install an in-house water softener or deal with fluctuating water characteristics - his mass finishing processes remain unaffected by the water hardness!

Of course, this means also that the new compounds can be utilized at any location without the risk of jeopardizing the specified finishing results. This offers a big advantage for users with multiple manufacturing facilities. And at the same time it ensures that the results of processing trials run at the Walther Trowal demonstration lab in Haan during the pre-sale phase are absolutely repeatable at the customer premises.

The new Trowal compounds have excellent cleaning, degreasing and corrosion protection characteristics. They produce bright and shiny surfaces. In addition, they emulsify oil very efficiently resulting in excellent degreasing results. They also effectively disperse the metal and media fines generated by the finishing process, thus allowing the process water to easily flush them out of the processing bowl. Additional low foaming inhibitors provide excellent corrosion protection.

Customer feedback highly positive

Users who switched to the new compounds report that their mass finishing processes are running absolutely free of any trouble and that since the changeover no service support from Walther Trowal was required.

A manufacturer of needles for textile machinery was the first customer using the new Walther Trowal compounds. Although the process water used at this customer's premises is very soft, the addition of hardness augmenting agents is no longer necessary. Another significant benefit of the new compounds is the fact that the process water can now be recycled over a very long period requiring only fresh water replenishment due to evaporation loss.

"Green compounds" protect our environment and save valuable resources.

When developing the new broadband compounds Walther Trowal focused to a large extent on environmental protection: The basic ingredients are synthetically produced materials replacing palm oil which is the major substance for soap production and is also found in many food items. In recent years palm oil has become highly controversial because of environmentally hazardous growing and harvesting methods.

For many mass finishing applications the new compounds aIlow recycling of the process water for the very first time resulting in significant cost savings for fresh water and waste water disposal.

The new broadband compounds

trowal KRA: An all-round compound

trowal KRA is a universal cleaning and degreasing compound with excellent corrosion protection characteristics. It is suitable for all metals and is mostly used for deburring of work pieces that may contain some surface oil but do not require intensive degreasing. 

trowal SGK: Excellent degreasing characteristics

Walther Trowal developed the trowal SGK compound specifically for degreasing and cleaning of parts made from aluminum, stainless steel and zinc. It has excellent degreasing characteristics and can also be used for the removal of stubborn surface contaminations.

trowal KRS: Vey good corrosion protection

trowal KRS is ideal for finishing of ferritic work pieces that tend to rust easily. It contains special surfactants that effectively disperse the metal and media fines and, thus, protect the surface of the parts against corrosion.

The detrimental relationship between soap and water hardness

The reason for the negative impact of water hardness in conjunction with soap-based compounds is the fact that soap reacts completely different in operating conditions with varying degrees of water hardness. In soft water soap has excellent cleaning characteristics and emulsifies oil very well. However, when the process water is recycled, it produces a lot of foam necessitating the use of de-foamers. Furthermore, the soap does not adhere to the surface, i.e. it does not create a protective surface film insulating the surface from the environment. The result: Poor corrosion protection.  

On the other hand, in hard water the corrosion protection of soap-based compounds is quite good, and very little foam is generated. But this comes at the price of diminished cleaning capabilities. In addition, the soap in connection with hard water hinders the emulsification of oil resulting in an insufficient degreasing effect.



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Walther Trowal GmbH & Co. KG

For more than 80 years Walther Trowal has been a pioneer and market leader in various surface treatment technologies. The company offers modular and custom engineered solutions for a wide range of surface treatment problems.

Initially only making vibratory finishing equipment, over the years Walther Trowal has continuously broadened its product range and today offers a wide portfolio of equipment and services for improving all kinds of surfaces, e.g. mass finishing, part cleaning, shot blasting and drying of a wide spectrum of work pieces, last but not least, the coating of mass produced small parts.

Walther Trowal offers not only various types of equipment but complete surface treatment systems: By linking the various equipment modules and automating the complete process we are able to precisely adapt our process technologies to the technical requirements of our customers. This also includes various types of peripheral equipment and process water cleaning and recycling systems. Of course, we also offer comprehensive pre- and after-sale service like sample processing in one of our demonstration labs and global repair and maintenance service.

Walther Trowal serves customers all over the world in many industries, for example, automotive, aerospace, medical implants and wind energy.