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The Wall of the assembly line- the ideal combination of solid- and prefabricated building

Wallfit: the worldwide first solid passive house wall – licensees wanted!

(PresseBox) (Burrweiler, ) For the first time, Wallfit the wall of the assembly line of the correspondent company combines industrial prefabricated house building with the classical method of solid construction. The Wallfit-construction is patented and certified as well by the German Technical Inspection Agency TÜV. Wallfit is applicable for private house building as well as for commercial or industrial building. The individual houses are all completely planned and constructed according to the wishes, perceptions and demands of the customers. Currently, Wallfit is looking for patent licensees.

According to a survey, three out of ten families prefer for reasons of economy and time a prefabricated house, despite a far better indoor environment quality of a solid construction. Whereas seven out of ten families rather prefer a solid construction and would appreciate a faster and cheaper production of their single-family house. Now, this is possible with the walls of the Wallfit company.

Wallfit combines the positive characteristics of the solid construction regarding building physics with the advantages of the cost- and time-optimized prefabricated construction. Thereby splint shuttering stones, concrete-filled stones with a comprehensive thermal insulation, are manufactured to solid prefabricated walls. Modules such as doors, windows, shutter boxes, window sills, electric pre-installations, wall heatings, ventilating systems, hot- and cold-water as well as drain lines are already integrated into the walls. Inventor and patent owner Mr. Hans-Peter Hagenmüller points out the advantages: “Wallfit signifies highest indoor environment quality as well as stability of value: A solid-built house in combination with a shortened time of construction and a cheaper construction of a prefabricated house”.

The Wallfit house is insulated according to the energy savings regulations valid from 2009. Thanks to the splint shuttering stones, also called Wallfit climate stones, the Wallfit-houses have ideal heat-regulating qualities. During winter insulation, absolute wind denseness and storage-capable materials provide comfortable warmness. Whilst during summer the solid walls provide pleasant, naturally cool room temperature. With a wall thickness of only 46 centimeters including insulation, the Wallfit-walls even reach the passive house standard.

The Wallfit-prefabricated walls are delivered completely pre-built to the building site, mounted from specially trained employees and additionally molded into concrete. Mr. Hagenmüller promises: “Within just one week the solid Wallfit-prefabricated house is built and after another one to two weeks already ready to flooring and covering!” For further security for the building owners, architects and building contractors the German Technical Inspection Agency TÜV is involved in the production. Wallfit is looking for patent licensees within Europe as well as worldwide.

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Wallfit - die Wand vom Band!

"Wallfit", die Wand vom Band, kombiniert zum ersten Mal den
industriell vorgefertigten Fertighausbau mit der klassischen Massivbauweise -
und revolutioniert so den Hausbau! Das Patentierte Wandsystem beschleunigt das Massive Bauen, in der Produktion und auf der Baustelle, auf Rekordzeit und reduziert damit die Kosten erheblich. Die Qualität des Gebäudes wird durch den hohen Vorfertigungsgrad gegenüber der Erstellung an der Baustelle deutlich verbessert. Der Erfinder erteilt für die Fertigung dieses Wandsystem weltweit Lizenzen für die Produktion von massiven "Wallfit-Wandelementen".