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Wagner Solar Inc. Workshop in Solar Thermal Systems

(PresseBox) (Cölbe, Germany/Cambridge, Mass., ) From Thursday, January 27, 2011 at 10:00 AM until- Friday, January 28, 2011 at 4:30 PM (PT), Wagner Solar Inc. will hold a practical workshop on solar thermal hot-water and space heating installations in Novato, CA. The event is organized together with the Wagner & Co partner Carbon2Energy and will take place at the C2E premises in Novato.

Ever since independent testing institutions in Germany began to evaluate solar thermal installations more than 20 years ago, the Wagner Solar Group and its products took leading positions. In recent tests in 2009 and 2010 two solar hot water and space heating systems of the German solar energy expert came out as test winners with Ökotest and Stiftung Warentest - the two leading independent consumer testing agencies in Germany. In its October 2010 issue the magazine Ökotest for example published a test of 17 solar heating packages from leading manufacturers. Only the Wagner Solar Group solar heating package SH 1440 AR received the top score of "excellent" for the important "solar fraction" criterion. On average, it saves 30% of the energy required for hot water and space heating. Over thirty years of industry experience pay off, and the steady history of excellent test results prove the technological leadership of the solar pioneer. With rising energy costs a Wagner Group solar thermal installation quickly becomes a cost effective investment.

In 2010 Wagner Solar Inc. was established as the US branch of the Wagner Solar Group. The company introduced the EURO C20 AR-M collector, which was newly developed for the North American market. It is certified to meet the OG100 standards established by the Solar Rating and Certification Organization. SRCC also rated the collector among the top 5 performers among the almost 300 tested flat plate collectors. Setting industry benchmarks, the C20 AR-M features an innovative anti-reflection glass with etched-in nano surface as well as an ultrasonic welded copper absorber with highly selective vacuum coating. The development engineers at the Wagner Solar Group continuously strive to optimize every component for best system performance. It could be called "Solar Kaizen".

The two day workshop in partnership with Carbon2Energy will cover the economics as well as planning and hands-on practical aspects of modern residential solar thermal installations. The first day will explore general aspects of solar thermal energy. Why invest in a solar thermal system? What kind of collector types and solar installations are available, and what is their market potential in North America? An introduction to computer based design and sizing as well as the available roof and stand-alone racking options will also be provided. Day two will delve into the technical details and cover the critical system components and their role for an optimally designed solar installation. These include solar storage tanks, heating options as well as the functionality of combined tanks, the CIRCO series circulators and the SUNGO solar controller line. At the end of the workshop the participants will have a good grasp of solar thermal technology and its range of application.

More information including full program and web registration can be found at the following URL:

Wagner Solar GmbH

Wagner & Co is one of the leading collector manufacturers in Europe. The company offers solutions for solar heating applications and solar electricity. In 1979 Wagner & Co was spearheaded by nine college students rooted in the ecology and anti nuclear movements of the 70s. Nowadays the company headquarter and main production facilities are situated in Cölbe and Kirchhain, right in the geographic heart of the EU (near Frankfurt, Germany). The company is employee-owned, independent from the stock market and has more than 430 employees. The total turnover amounts to approx. 300 million Euro. Through its national subsidiaries in France, Spain, Italy and the United States, the company passes on its more than 30 years of experience across Europe and beyond. Many times Wagner & Co products came out first in rigorous tests by Stiftung Warentest (German consumer testing agency), and currently the solar package COMBI line SH 1440 AR is certified as "best in test" for the third time in a row in spring 2009. For its all pervading sustainability practice, in 2005 Wagner & Co received the famed prizes of the German Solar Energy Society (DGS) and the European Association for Renewable Energy (EUROSOLAR) in the category "Company". The jury of the German Sustainability Award Foundation, supported by the German Federal Government, awarded the distinction of "one of Germany's top three most sustainable brands" to Wagner & Co in November 2010. In the field of solar electricity the company offers highly efficient photovoltaic systems with precisely dimensioned installation components produced by globally renown manufacturers. Wagner & Co is a pioneer on the European solar market.