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Digital video recorders in the new BLR Series: entry-level models at outstanding value for money

(PresseBox) (Rödermark, ) They not only look good, they can also do a lot: the digital video recorder entry-level models in the new eneo BLR Series deliver numerous features rarely found in this price class.

Choose from nine models

Choose from models with four, eight or 16 channels each of which is available with different hard disk sizes of 500GB, 1.5TB or 2.5TB. Should the hard disk become full despite the large hard disk capacity, the data can simply be exported over the integral DVD writer or USB port on the front of the device. The maximum recording resolution is 704x576 pixels with a recording rate of 100fps at maximum resolution. A rate of 400fps is achieved for a lower resolution of 352x288 pixels. The efficient H.264 compression method ensures that bandwidth requirements are low for network data transmission.

Selectable for each channel: the recording mode

Up to 16 channels can be simultaneously recorded and played back. Recording can be permanent, triggered by an alarm or when motion is detected as well as time controlled. The recording mode can be specified separately for each channel so the ideal method can be selected for each connected camera according to the monitored area. Example: In a small shop two cameras are installed in the sales rooms and one camera at the main entrance as well as one at the delivery entrance. Recording in the sales rooms could be time controlled during the opening times, at the delivery entrance when motion is detected and permanently in the entrance area.

Multitasking thanks to quadplex

Video imagery is displayed on the monitor at 25 frames per second, in real time of course. Depending on the user's multitasking capability, several actions can be executed simultaneously because the recorders are quadplex devices.

This operating mode allows execution of four actions on the recorder at the same time without having to deactivate a function beforehand, and these are: recording, playback, backup and access over the network (remote access by browser).

Apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia

Furthermore, the BLR Series from eneo offers other features such four alarm inputs, one alarm output, automatic e-mail dispatch in an alarm event or PTZ control over the RS-485 interface as well as pre- and post-alarm recording. The right apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia are available for access by smartphone.

About eneo (

eneo is the video surveillance specialist. Its product portfolio includes over 600 products and solutions distinguished by strict quality standards (EN ISO 9001:2008) and excellent value for money.