VI-grade releases v19.0 product suite

VI-grade releases v19.0 product suite
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Major release of real-time software (VI-CarRealTime and VI-Driver), vertical products (VI-Automotive, VI-Motorcycle, VI-Aircraft) and driving simulation solutions (VI-DriveSim) bring to customers better flexibility, an improved user experience and support of real-time applications for more advanced components.

VI-grade today announced the release of v19.0 of its software product suite. The release includes major product features and several usability enhancements in the following products: VI-CarRealTime and VI-Driver (real-time software); VI-DriveSim (driving simulation solutions); and VI-Automotive, VI-Motorcycle, VI-Aircraft (vertical products).

Selected new features of VI-CarRealTime v19.0 include:

1. Investigation Mode:
  • Automatic model variant response module
  • Allows to easily execute a given plan of experiments
        - Define model parameters values and range
        - Select events or scenario to be tested
        - Define the metric to be monitored
  • Automatically generate the related reports
2. Model improvements:

        - New engine mount layout options (bushings on body chassis, torque rods)
  • Vehicle chassis flexibility with body-on-frame architecture
  • New demo vehicles
        - SUV crossover
        - Pick-up truck
  • Improved driveline modelling options, to specify e.g. gear shifting maps or specific inertias.
  • Design time scaling factors for suspension elements (dampers, springs, bumpers…)
 3. Tire Models
  • CDTire RealTime
        - Available for handling maneuvers
  • FTire 2019-1
       - acc & /hil versions integration
       - Improved computational efficiency
  • TameTire 5.1
  • MF-Tyre/MF-Swift 7.3
  • MegaRide
       - AdheRide/ThermoRide models integration
       - Realtime capable version available

 4. Adams Car Interface: new properties export added
  • Frequency bushing
  • Rack & pinion (Pfeffer model)
  • Suspension auxiliary longitudinal dynamics identification
5. Vehicle Performance modules
  • VI-SpeedGen can optionally consider the suspension travel while predicting the limit speed profile computation
  • (For motorsport applications): Aerodynamic balance and electric motors regeneration state can be parametrized on the on-track position
6. Miscellaneous
  • VI-CarRealTime solver now able to produce additional output signals:
        - Roll center height for all full vehicle simulations
        - ABS & TCS activity
  • Possibility to configure multiple solver plugins
  • Scriptable (python) custom post-processing
  • VI-CarRealTime SDK now includes an executable able to perform simulations with forced “Save&Restore” operation
Selected new features of VI-DriveSim v19.0 include:
  • VI-DriveSim environment opened to 3rd party vehicle solvers
       - Protocol documentation
       - Template for Matlab/Simulink
  • Input File management
       - VI-CarRealTime model input files can be used for different experiments:
       - Override road data file
       - Redefine vehicle initial position/orientation
  • Possible to inherit the lap sensor directly from the road file (explicit reference to a drd file still supported for special cases)
7. Steering feedback
  • Support of angle tracking control mode in addition to the regular torque tracking mode
8. Body Feedback
  • Active belts systems with independent left/right actuators now supported by the graphical interface
“I’m very impressed with the new DOE expansion (Investigation Mode) of VI-CarRealTime v19. For us it will be one of the most significant updates VI-CarRealTime has introduced over the past releases” – said one of the customers participating to the VI-CarRealTime v19 beta program.

The new releases, developed on top of Adams2018, are available on the completely revamped VI-grade download area at the link: A complete list of new features and enhancements can be found in the Release Notes documents available for download at the same link.
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