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Three for all cases from Venjakob

The Ven Spray product line in "Smart", "Comfort" and "Perfect" for small business to large industrial use

(PresseBox) (Rheda-Wiedenbrück, ) Venjakob Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG combines their spray coating machines under the designation Ven Spray. In time for Ligna 2011 in Hanover, the company from Rheda-Wiedenbrück has upgraded and redefined the range according to customer requirements. The result is the three models "Smart", "Comfort" and "Perfect". They are available for use in various fields of production, from crafts with mainly small batches over series suppliers producing large quantities to industrial production with high processing speeds. As so often, the difference is in the detail.

"Smart" means clever - and the artisan or small business that opts for a Ven Spray Smart is exactly that - smart. Because the investment volume is roughly comparable to that of a professional manual spray booth. However, the results achieved with the Venjakob spraying machine are of better quality than the manually produced product. The smart base version, which is supplied as a complete one-piece machine, already has a working width of 1300 mm. Work piece detection is as much a matter of course as the operation via a 6-inch touch panel. Here colour formulas and combinations can be stored and recalled.

The spray booth can be accessed through two double doors, which are glazed on the operating side, from both sides for cleaning purposes. In the Smart model, the air in the booth is conditioned by an adjustable air filter cover and suction boxes with paper filters and an exhaust fan with a 7,000 m³/h capacity. Four spray guns with quick-change systems supplied via three coating cycles come standard. Air, air-mix or airless spray guns are used. The in-house Venjakob technical development centre is available for matching selection and for testing according to customer-specific parameters and with the respective paints.

A belt system designed for a processing speed of 2-4 m/min is used to convey the work piece. An oscillating doctor blade removes excess paint from the conveyor belt, and a standard scrubber cleans the conveyor belt, which can be complemented by an optional paper or foil tape system, making it possible to alternate between both modes of operation.

The "Comfort" class naturally has a number of essential additions compared to the standard "Smart". This Ven Spray version is suitable for example for use by suppliers of prefabricated parts for large-scale industrial production. Many more features can be controlled via the 15-inch touch panel with image visualisation, including up to 12 spray guns with quick-change systems that can be connected to four coating cycles.

In the "Comfort" version the exhaust air volume increases to up to 10,000 m³/h, the throughput to up to about 8 m/min, at 1300 mm working width.

Paint recovery in the "Comfort" model takes place with the patented Venjakob V-belt. The paint is gently and effectively removed by a Teflon tape running diagonal to the conveyor belt and scraped off with a controlled doctor blade. So, up to 98% of the liquid overspray can be fed back into the painting process. In addition, it is much easier to clean the paint recovery unit. Two extendable belt scrubbers can alternatively - basically by pressing a button - clean the conveyor belt of water-based or solvent-based paints.

In terms of cleaning - and of course in other areas too - the Ven Spray top model "Perfect" also have a few other aces up its sleeve. Both scrubbers are mounted on carriages. They can be detachable during operation to be cleaned while the machine is operating. This means extremely reduced maintenance times and no productivity loss.

Significant for high productivity is furthermore a potential feed rate of up to 12 m/min, a quick-change spray gun system with optional motorised height adjustment for different work piece heights and up to seven coating cycles. The feed-through of the spray gun unit through the horizontally divided filter cover and the encapsulated feeding of the supply hoses ensures optimum safety and maximum cleanliness in the spray booth. In the booth size, the customer has a selection of 2100 to 2800 mm for the working length and 1300, 1600 or 2200 mm for the working width.

The Ven Spray Perfect offers the largest booth volume. This in turn allows the use of a special ventilation and exhaust system that ensures the best coating results. The 5-zone supply air principle allows for precise steering of the overspray. This is of critical importance in hydro paints because of their high atomisation energy. Another special feature is the available recirculating air mode. Because as a result, the filtered exhaust air is proportionally recycled in the spray chamber, the exhaust air amount is reduced accordingly, and thus the demand for energy.

The dry filter extraction with a capacity of up to 12,000 m³/h feeds the air from the booth through filter units twice as large as in the two other models. The large filter zones allow for significantly longer periods of use. The "Perfect" version can alternatively be supplied with a wet vacuum system over bottom and side water wells.

The Ven Spray Perfect also sets the standard in terms of controls. Venjakob relies on industrial PC-based technology. This allows for one overarching plant control system and the functionality of the controls is ensured for many years.

With the repositioning of its VEN SPRAY product line, Venjakob now offers tailored system types for all relevant applications. As a systems supplier, the company from eastern Westphalia is also able to supply all components required for pre and post-treatment as well as work piece transport solutions to suit customers' individual needs.