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Simulation Software Polysun 9.0: New version with Cloud-based catalogs and just-in-time updates of databases

Vela Solaris has recently published a new version of its planning software. Its most important new features are the catalogs for batteries, PV modules and inverters that are stored in the Cloud and made available to all Polysun users in real time

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Catalogs for batteries, PV modules and inverters in the Cloud – updated just-in-time
Ongoing updates of the component data that is part of the Polysun simulation software had become an ever more pressing wish of its users. Until this new version, they had to wait for a new Polysun release to be published in order to update their catalog entries. Now the most recent parameters can be found on the Internet. This enables manufacturers or testing institutes to use a Cloud connection in order to directly feed the data relevant for simulations to the Polysun users. 
Optimizing controllers using a detailed, graphic analysis
Load switching is currently an important use of the Polysun simulation software. For example, the controller of a heat pump can be set so that the heat pump is running when enough power generated through photovoltaics is available. A second example is the optimization of battery charging-controls: Solar power that is not needed for local loads is stored locally whenever possible, only to be used several hours later. This is helpful not only for running electric appliances at night, but also to cover load peaks where the load demand exceeds the currently available solar power.
For general trials in searching the ideal controller settings, both the detailed view of processes in short time periods (seconds – minutes – hours) and the perspective of an entire year are important. The new Polysun release was specifically refined to answer both these requests in its graphic analysis. 
Cooling energy demand now enters into building model
Optimizing cooling systems is an important challenge of the future. While the insulation of buildings is continuously improving, reducing heating energy demand for existing buildings, the overheating of buildings in summer is becoming more of a problem. Energy-intensive cooling systems that are not connected to the building service system have an energy balance that until today still deserves the term catastrophic. State-of-the-art planning of intelligent cooling systems make possible a drastic reduction of their primary energy demand. Intelligent cooling systems – like Free Cooling via ground-source loop – will play an increasing role in the future, while at the same time regenerating the ground. An important new feature of the current Polysun version 9.0: the cooling energy demand of a building can also be entered, making possible the planning and analysis of cooling systems. The simulation results can then be used directly for the planning of the cooling systems. 
eTank – New simulation model for geothermal storage tanks
Geothermal energy can be used in a number of ways. While ground-source loops have become quite common, individual manufacturers supply solutions that activate more ground volume while at the same time do not go as deep. The award-winning "eTank" is one of these solutions. Not only does it use geothermal energy for heating, in summer it also stores solar energy in the ground, thus offering a dual energy use for heating and cooling. The new Polysun version offers the possibility to include eTanks in a simulation. This includes templates for these systems, making evident the good system efficiency and excellent long-term performance of this new technology. 
New systems for cross-sector uses of energy (e-mobility, power to heat, etc.)
Politicians and energy experts around the globe are convinced that the world's climate goals can be reached only if energy from renewable sources makes a quantum leap ahead in all sectors – power, heat, transport. To this end, technologies like "power to heat" or "e-mobility" are developed further. Polysun offers the possibility to simulate how these technologies would work in practice and how to optimize their use with the entire system in view. In order to make efficient and fast planning possible, the new version includes additional electric power load profiles and possibilities for cross-sector use of energy. 
Comprehensive revision and extension of the user manual
The Polysun user manual was completely revised and amended. All screenshots have been updated, help- and tutorial-texts have been incorporated into a single easy-to-use, technology-oriented and well-structured manual. This new document, available as a separate and easy-to-access pdf file within the software, makes using Polysun easier and gives the user access to important information for the planning of photovoltaic, solar thermal and geothermal systems on 260 pages. It also describes air-to-water heat pumps, cooling systems, ice storage and cogenerators. Two additional comprehensive chapters deal with controllers and the various ways Polysun can display calculation results. 
New Features of Polysun Version 9.0
New Features
  • Catalogs for batteries, PV modules and inverters are retrieved from the Cloud and are updated just-in-time
  • Controller optimizing with detailed, graphic analysis
  • Cooling energy demand can be entered into the building model
  • eTank – new simulation model for geothermal storage tanks
  • New systems for cross-sector use of energy (e-Mobility, Power to Heat, etc.)
  • User manual completely revised and updated
  • Improved performance and better graphic user interface
  • For our Swiss customers: validated performance guarantee
New catalogs and data bank updates
  • 478 new photovoltaic modules (from all over the world)
  • 105 new inverters
  • 224 solar thermal collectors from the Solar Keymark and SPF database
  • 21 new tanks and 37 new heat pumps
Further information
Further information regarding Polysun and Vela Solaris can be found online under On an online solution for Polysun simulation software is offered.

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