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Polysun 7.1 helps the fields of photovoltaics and heat pumps grow closer together. And: the “ErP“ energy label can be generated directly from Polysun

Besides new templates, the update also includes new catalogue additions for solar collectors, PV modules and inverters

(PresseBox) (Winterthur, ) The integration of PV and heat pumps into a single system is a current topic in the industry. With its new 7.1 version, Polysun brings a useful component in this respect, the new “Exhaust air heat pump” component. In addition, the “ErP” energy label for heating systems can now be generated directly from both Polysun and Polysun Online.

Exhaust air heat pumps
Exhaust air heat pumps are finding their way into the product ranges of a number of suppliers. Exhaust air heat pumps are basically air-to-water heat pumps that, unlike the latter, do not operate by absorbing heat from the outside ambient air but by extracting excess warm air from energy sources (such as, e.g., the basement or the exhaust air from a ventilation system) located within the building envelope. On the one hand, this drives up the annual performance of heat pumps due to the lower temperature differences these have to work against. On the other hand, the amount of energy extracted from the building needs to be “topped up” through a different energy source. Polysun 7.1 brings exhaust air heat pumps as a new component.

Energy Label
Recently published details on the energy label promise a uniform classification ranging from A+++ to F for heating and domestic hot water systems. A solar thermal system helps many of these systems achieve a good rating. Now, with Polysun 7.1 the energy label can be generated from any given template project or from own systems. So, manufacturers, installers and designers can get an early idea of the future labelling of their products and systems. And, to this end, Polysun also makes it really simple to compare components from different manufacturers or to integrate them with other heat generating devices such as gas heating and heat pumps.

What’s new in Polysun 7.1

New features
  • Polysun building model expanded with the possibility to simulate several buildings in one system
  • Energy label: calculation and generation of energy labels for heating systems
  • Improved inverter dimensioning
  • Improved management of consumption profiles
  • Added possibility to enter energy production profiles (e.g. wind or hydro-power)
  • Simulation of exhaust air heat pumps
  • New system templates and expansion for process and district heating applications according to IEA Task 49
  • New ice-storage system templates
  • Various improvements
New catalogue and database updates
  • 52 new PV modules
  • 16 new inverters
  • 170 solar thermal collectors
  • New catalogue and database additions for Tisun, Vaillant, Saunier Duval, Walter Meier, Soltop, Elcotherm, Vokera, Beretta, Bosch, Fototherm, PAID and many others.
Schemes and company-specific entries
  • Vaillant company-specific hydraulic templates
  • Saunier Duval company-specific hydraulic templates
  • Tisun company-specific hydraulic templates
  • Walter Meier company-specific hydraulic templates
  • Soltop company-specific hydraulic templates

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Vela Solaris AG develops and markets worldwide its Polysun design software, an innovative tool used by engineers and installers alike to design and optimize decentralised energy systems including solar thermal, photovoltaic, heat pump and geothermal systems. The product range is rounded off by software versions tailor-made to suit the needs of large customers as well as by an online solution.