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The intelligent Engineering Software VCmaster reduces Redundancies and increases Productivity

VCmaster supports engineers to create efficient digital work flows

(PresseBox) (Fellbach (Stuttgart), ) Today's building industry is torn between the requirement of implementing modern technology and dealing with the ubiquitous intense cost pressure. With each project being unique, chances of taking reusable information from one project to another are few and unfortunately not always realized.

Current trends, like working in task forces or employing freelancers, require a safe and easy way of digitally sharing knowledge. Yet it is still exchanged either orally or in writing - or not at all. Thus creating "islands of information". Valuable information is lost forever for other members of the team and future projects.

Engineering knowledge increases the company's value.

Compiling digital technical documentation makes this valuable knowledge available to others, regardless of their location. VCmaster enables collaboration among numerous members of an engineering project team. Supporting the sharing of entire projects, sub documents or calculations, and making information readily available for everyone involved.

Getting the right infrastructure can go a long way

A well thought out digital strategy gives the engineering office a compelling competitive edge. The right software can avoid losing data, calculation errors and other delays that go along with traditional file sharing on team projects.

Besides being readily available VCmaster's digital documents offer the convenience of being searchable, editable and reusable. Engineers can compile structural analyses using parts of already filed documentation, reproduce project related information on VCmaster Wikis or compile documents using external software and due to VCmaster's unrivaled interoperability, import those outputs into VCmaster. Ensuring the trouble-free joint and sustainable use of documents and calculations.

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Veit Christoph GmbH

Veit Christoph GmbH emerged in 1996 as an independent software house from the already existing engineering company. The software house is a competent software supplier of solutions for engineers and technicians in the field of structural engineering.

With a global portfolio of more than 4,000 firms and engineering companies as customers, Veit Christoph GmbH, has become successful in the sector of structural engineering support software. As a result of many years of experience in project management and thereby acquiring expertise in it, Veit Christoph GmbH, has been able to create a unique software solution,VCmaster, for engineers to calculate complicated technical formulas and organize their digital documentation.

VCmaster is deemed to be the standard solution for the generation of digital technical documentation and calculations in the field of structural analysis. Over the last few years this successful technology has been adapted to meet the demands and requirements of both the national and international engineering markets.For more information on us, log on to: