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UNITED SOLAR OVONIC panels power largest farm-based solar plant in the U.S.

(PresseBox) (Rochester Hills, Mich, ) Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (ECD) (NASDAQ: ENER) announced the installation of its UNI-SOLAR® ground-mounted amorphous thin-film photovoltaic (PV) panels to power the 1.1 Megawatt solar energy system at Paramount Farms, Inc., the world’s largest vertically integrated supplier of pistachios and almonds. The installation, which spans 8 acres, is one of the largest single-site, privately-owned solar energy systems in the U.S. SolarCraft, one of the most experienced solar energy contractors, completed the installation.

James R. Metzger, Interim President and COO, noted: “While the industry recognizes UNI-SOLAR as a premier provider of solar modules for integrated rooftop system modules, the new Paramount Farms ground-mounted array design showcases the advantages of UNI-SOLAR products to address the market for groundmounted installations. We are very proud to have been chosen by SolarCraft.”

“SolarCraft chose the UNI-SOLAR product for this project based on the high production performance in very hot, dusty and low-light environments, as well as the capability for SolarCraft to design a virtually indestructible and theft-proof ground-mounted solar energy plant,” said Chris Bunas, Vice President of SolarCraft.
“This is a perfect product in the Californian valley agricultural industry and many other areas that we are currently looking at. We look forward to a continued relationship with UNI-SOLAR.”

This solar system enables Paramount Farms to generate enough clean electricity each day to power 300 average homes. The new system will spare the air nearly 2,600 tons of harmful greenhouse gases annually. Over the next 30 years, the air pollution saved will be equivalent to driving over 176 million miles. The system will pay for itself in approximately 6 years.

About Energy Conversion Devices

Energy Conversion Devices is the leader in the synthesis of new materials and the development of advanced production technology and innovative alternative energy products and solutions. The company's portfolio of alternative energy solutions and proprietary information processing technologies features the latest advances in solar electric power generation, NiMH batteries, and fuel cell, solid hydride storage and phase-change memory technologies. ECD designs and builds manufacturing machinery that incorporates its proprietary production processes, maintains ongoing research and development programs to continually improve its products and develops new applications for its technologies. ECD holds the basic patents in its fields. More information on the Company is available at

About SolarCraft

SolarCraft has been providing trustworthy and reliable solar energy services in the North Bay for the past 25 years. Owners Dennis Nuttman and Bill Stewart are pioneers within the solar industry in California, and offer customers a wealth of experience in solar technology. Nuttman and Stewart opened one of the first solar energy companies in the region over a quarter of a century ago, and are experts in solar system design and installation. With over 4,000 commercial and residential installations to its credit, SolarCraft has installed more solar energy systems than any other company in the North Bay. SolarCraft installs over 200 solar energy systems per year. SolarCraft is here today and will be here tomorrow, outlasting the "boom and bust" cycles of the solar energy industry.

This release may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Safe Harbor Provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forwardlooking statements are based on assumptions which ECD, as of the date of this release, believes to be reasonable and appropriate. ECD cautions, however, that the actual facts and conditions that may exist in the future could vary materially from the assumed facts and conditions upon which such forward-looking statements are based. The risk factors identified in the ECD filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including the company’s most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K, could impact any forward-looking statements contained in this release.

United Solar Ovonic Europe GmbH

UNITED SOLAR OVONIC, building on technology invented and pioneered by ECD, is the world leader in thin-film amorphous photovoltaics. Because of characteristics unique to the UNITED SOLAR OVONIC solar cell technology, such as lightweight, ruggedness and flexibility, it is ideal as building-integrated photovoltaic roofing systems for residential and industrial customers. ECD and UNITED SOLAR OVONIC hold the basic patents covering the continuous roll-to-roll manufacturing of thin-film amorphous-silicon alloy multi-junction solar cells and related products. More information is available at