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United Planet signs partnership with AXONES

(PresseBox) (Freiburg, ) United Planet provides thousands of customers with Intrexx, an integrated platform-independent development environment for fast, simple creation and management of multilingual Web applications, intranets, enterprise portals, customer portals and mobile portals. Today United Planet made its new partnership with AXONES official.

AXONES, an entity of the NEURONES group, located in Paris and Nantes, is an IT Services Company specializing in the integration of web applications. In order to consolidate its position in a fast growing market, AXONES has decided to expand its portfolio with Intrexx and Intrexx Share.

Katrin Beuthner, COO at United Planet stated: "We look forward to working with AXONES - our first Intrexx partner in France. This partnership opens up promising opportunities and synergies for both companies. For United Planet's expansion, this is an important milestone and we are proud to walk this path with AXONES." She added: "The skills that AXONES brings in the field of web application development precisely meet our requirements for a powerful partner. With Intrexx and Intrexx Share, we give AXONES an excellent product, which will be a sensation among both its customers and prospects." Matthieu Hasser, Deputy Director General at AXONES, pointed out: "We strongly believe that Intrexx is the appropriate solution that fits well with a booming French social and collaborative market."

As an Intrexx partner, AXONES will conduct portal projects with companies in the Paris area and connect people and information together in a user-friendly interface. AXONES is working with customers in various industry sectors, and the company now intends to supply its customers with Intrexx in order to help them centralize all their documents, simplify their daily tasks, get access to all critical information on mobile devices, automate their business processes and reinvent the way they cooperate and communicate internally. 


AXONES is a French information technology company specializing in custom application solutions. Located in Paris and Nantes, AXONES continues to drive growth thanks to its high value-added range of services in the web and collaborative platform market. Our 160 consultants put a lot of effort into providing solutions which accompany our customers in every stage of the digital transformation of their organization.

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United Planet GmbH

United Planet, with over 4,800 installations and more than 1,000,000 users of its portal and integration software Intrexx in the German-speaking market alone, is one of the market leaders in the sectors covering small and medium sized undertakings, public administration, and organizations such as hospitals. The company is led by Manfred Stetz and Katrin Beuthner.

Using the platform-independent standard software Intrexx, web-based applications up to complete intranets/enterprise portals with advanced functionality can be created much faster, and thus more economically, than with similar programs. Intrexx facilitates the creation of productive workflows and the generation of mobile apps for smartphones and tablet PCs from all manufacturers. Existing data from ERP systems, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and any JDBC and OData data sources can easily be integrated with Intrexx and set in relationship to each other. The SAP-certified NetWeaver Gateway interface simplifies connection to the SAP system in an unprecedented manner. Even the directly competing Microsoft SharePoint software benefits from business functionality enhancements through the OData interface. The data integration capabilities of Intrexx are increasingly used as middleware to take unwanted complexity out of existing and heterogeneous software environments.

With Intrexx Share United Planet additionally offers a social business platform, which stimulates the exchange of knowledge and team work among employees, and integrates existing enterprise software into the communication process. In the Intrexx Application Store you will find hundreds of ready-made apps and complete industry portals, ready to download now.