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SFP modules from UBF make fiber optic networks scalable

New technologies with higher bandwidths make demands also on the entire infrastructure between servers and end devices

(PresseBox) (Castrop-Rauxel, ) Autonegotiation - commonly between Ethernet switches and end devices with RJ-45 ports - is not available for fiber optic connections. Changing from Fast Ethernet to Gigabit Ethernet must be implemented on both sides of the fiber optic line. Already installed multimode cables can also be an obstacle for upgrades because of the reduced distance range.

An interaction of modern fiber optic distributors with different SFP modules can achieve remedy in many cases.

For instance may central Fast Ethernet fiber optic switches be upgraded to Gigabit Ethernet, even if Fast Ethernet devices remain on the other side of the fiber optic line. This can be realized by populating the central switch with Fast Ethernet SFPs. It only requires, that the central switch is suitable for Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet SFPs. When the remote segments will be upgraded step by step, only the SFP modules of the appropriate ports must be replaced. This method makes the conversion easier to plan.

However, increasing transmission frequencies goes along with shorter ranges. Thus the typical range for Fast Ethernet via OM2 fiber (50/125µm) is 2km. The range for Gigabit Ethernet via OM2 fiber is only about 500m - 550m (1000Base-SX standard with 850nm wavelength). By changing the wavelength, distances up to 2km can be reached even with Gigabit Ethernet.

If there are not enough fibers or bandwidth, the number of available Ethernet channels can be doubled by changing to BiDi SFPs. UBF EDV Handel und Beratung provides this technology for Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet on multimode and singlemode fiber optic lines. The additional channels can be used by port trunking (e.g. LACP) to increase the bandwidth, if the distance for higher frequencies is limited by the physical parameters of multimode fibers.

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UBF EDV Handel und Beratung Jürgen Fischer GmbH

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