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TurboZentrum Berlin offers a new heat shild which withstand direct temperatures up to 1750°F

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) This shield is the best of the big heatshild product range of the TurboZentrum Berlin. It is totaly formable and stays in the formed position. The fiber glass layer is perfect to hold the heat away from the part to protect. Additionaly it is aggressive self adhesive to be fitted a everything.

In 3 different sizes provides this shild the optimal way to reflect heat away from vehicle components and perfect for protecting under hoods, firewalls, fuel cells, transmission tunnel, floorpans and other under-vehicle or engine room locations. For any application it can be trimmed to every size.

At the product test of the Berlin Tuning company it keeps up to 90% of the temperatur away from the second messure point.

Link to the article group (testing video at the detail product view)