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Innovations at the V-Band Technic

The TurboZentrum Berlin brings a new Innovation in the V-Band market

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) Mostly everybody know the v-band system, which made the mounting of exhaust systems very easy. But with that new problems showed up. Who dont knows the problems with non centerable v-band rings by mounting the clamps and unsealed systems. Clamps assambling and disambling needs long times and so on....

The new Premium V-Band Sets of the TurboZentrum contains male and female V-Band Rings, which are centered automaticly by mounting those. It is more sealed and easier to mount instead the common v-band clamps. Because of the v-band clamps with quick realease system, the mounting time is much more shorter. lich verkürzt.

Availble in differnet sizes from 51mm (2") to 127mm (5").