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TRITEC supplies solar power to housing estate listed as a historic monument

(PresseBox) (Allschwil / Basel, ) The leading Swiss solar company TRITEC installed four solar systems on the roofs of the housing cooperative Wohngenossenschaft Lange Erlen (WGLE) in Basel. Its generated energy is nearly equivalent to the mean annual electricity consumption by the 63 households in the housing estate.

Covering their own power demand

The photovoltaic systems jointly provide an output of 212 kWp. They are distributed over four building rows and fixed with a statically optimized substructure for flat roofs with little roof reserves. The utilized monocrystalline solar modules can annually produce 208,000 kWh clean energy which will flow into the IWB grid as for the end of 2013. This virtually covers the power supply of the 63 households of the housing cooperative. Moreover, 122 tons CO2 are avoided annually which would be generated by fossil energy carriers.

Worthwhile over the long term

The solar system at the Wohngenossenschaft Lange Erlen is a classic example of how energy may be generated environmentally friendly thanks to photovoltaic systems and especially in a decentralized manner - where energy is actually needed. This is quite along the lines of the turning point in energy policy which the Swiss Federal Council (Bundesrat) aims at with its 2050 energy strategy. The members of the housing cooperative had a primary objective for the installation of a solar system and it was based on a concept of sustainability: This investment increases the value of the housing estate, and something meaningful will be left as a legacy for coming generations living here.

Monument preservation gave the green light

The flat-roof housing estate in Schorenmatten was built in 1928 as a pioneering housing development in the Bauhaus style. It ranks among the architectural historic monuments of national importance. Before the solar system could be mounted, the Cantonal Department of Monument Preservation gave its green light - promptly and without any complications. The canton of the City of Basel welcomes the construction of photovoltaic systems wherever possible, and it also supports and promotes them accordingly.

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For more than 25 years, TRITEC has been specialized in the generation of renewable energy by means of photovoltaic systems. The Swiss company operates worldwide and annually realizes over 5,000 solar projects with about 1,500 qualified installation partners. Such projects include the world's largest stadium-integrated photovoltaic system on the football stadium Stade de Suisse in Berne; also, systems integrated in a building's exterior, as on the Gehry Building at the Novartis Campus in Basel; or Switzerland's largest solar power plant on the distribution centre of Migros-Verteilbetrieb Neuendorf AG in Neuendorf. TRITEC attaches great importance to the high quality of products. Its portfolio exclusively provides brand products of established manufacturers which guarantee top quality. Supplementarily, TRITEC offers clever own products for planning, design and performance reviews of solar power systems as well as smart mounting systems. Photovoltaic systems are exposed to the harshest weather conditions for many years and only their prime quality will guarantee long-term investment yields. Finally, clean energy and sustainability belong together for TRITEC - true to their corporate philosophy and mission statement: Energy for a better world.