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TRITEC – A Success Story of the Photovoltaic Sector

(PresseBox) (Basel, ) TRITEC, supplier of quality products in the area of Renewable Energies and system integrator, is celebrating 20 years of experience and with that numerous branches in the whole of Europe. TRITEC's origins began in 1987 in Switzerland with the implementation of the first Megawatt photovoltaic project. Today TRITEC is the leading photovoltaic company in Switzerland and one of the leaders in Europe. TRITEC continues to pursue its goal and also motto, the promotion of "energy for a better world", with enthusiasm and dedication, adjusting its services to the increasing public interest in renewable energies and to the market conditions.

TRITEC - 20 Years of Experience

20 years ago the photovoltaic sector still was quite unknown, and only a few people knew how to install a solar system. Today's CEO of the TRITEC Group, Giorgio Hefti, installed his first solar system in 1987. Immediately afterwards he got ready to install 333 solar systems at 3 KW each in Switzerland. The project was called "Megawatt" and became a complete success. Subsequently, TRITEC founded a branch in Bern (Switzerland) that was aimed at taking care of the installation of photovoltaic systems, and dedicated its headquarters in Basel (Switzerland) to the promotion and putting on the map of renewable energies and started the actual sales activities. Since then TRITEC has become the leading photovoltaic company in Switzerland and achieved a leadership position in Europe. Large-scale solar installations such as the one at the Stade de Suisse (football stadium in Bern, Switzerland), St. Jakobs Park (football stadium in Basel, Switzerland) or for example on the roof of the Minergie building Eulachhof in Winterthur (Switzerland) are routine. In addition to its supply business, TRITEC has specialised in the manufacture of control and measuring instruments for solar installations. Enthusiasm and conviction have led to the manufacture of innovative products and made TRITEC a trendsetter in this sector. The long-standing good relationships with globally leading manufacturers in the sector Renewable Energies, the Europe-wide reference installations, the extensive experience gained over many years and the increasing enquiries worldwide emphasise TRITEC's professionalism and the added value it offers its clients on a daily basis. TRITEC implements feasibility studies, provides project planning and delivers turnkey solar systems.

TRITEC's Expansion Policy

A lot of pioneering work had to be done before the first subsidiary of TRITEC could be founded in Freiburg i.Br. (Germany) in 2000. TRITEC | Deutschland is exclusively dealing with client advisory services and sales in Germany. Already in the same year the instrumentation company Tricon was taken over and integrated by TRITEC. A French branch followed in 2001. Since it was ahead of its time, it was forced to spend its time as a kind of 'sleeping beauty' until it will be re-activated in Montpellier in the summer of 2007. In the meantime in 2005 TRITEC | Filiale Aarberg (Switzerland) was founded, which now is taking care of engineering, planning, design and maintenance of solar installations. At the end of 2005 the company opened a new branch in Barcelona (Spain), and in 2006 it acquired the majority share in the logistics company TriEnergy in Weissach (Germany). From January 2007 until to-date TRITEC has opened many branches in the whole of Europe, including TRITEC | Adria - this branch is the contact for the territory comprising Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Rumania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Hungary -, TRITEC | Italia, TRITEC | Greece, TRITEC | Netherlands, TRITEC | Scandinavia and TRITEC | United Kingdom. Always keeping in mind the vision of the TRITEC Group, additional branches are planned in the whole of Europe for the promotion of renewable energies. The numerous newly implemented projects represent the first positive reactions to the opening of the new branches.

Energy for a better world

Energy for a better world - is both incentive and motto for the TRITEC Group, for this motto contains the environmental aspects as well as the social and economic dimension of global energy supply. TRITEC offers its clients a one-stop shop for various services. It acts as product supplier, implements feasibility studies, designs, plans and realises photovoltaic installations of all kinds and sizes. In the new PV countries TRITEC furthermore provides training and coaching for the skilled workers in order to ensure the transfer of know-how.

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