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TQMT10xx: The latest QorIQ™ module generation with 64-bit processor cores based on the Power Architecture™ technology

(PresseBox) (Seefeld, ) With the TQMT1042, TQ is planning a Minimodule based on the latest Power Architecture™ generation of Freescale Semiconductor. The new module with four 64-bit cores and a high-performance Data Path Accelerator Architecture (DPAA) distinguishes itself from the predecessor generation by clearly increased performance with simultaneously reduced power consumption.
The QorlQ module TQMT1042 is aimed at system developers whose focus lies on efficient processing of large volumes of data, data security, and high flexibility and performance of I/O interfaces. Its flexible design also permits the use of single-, dual-, and quad-core processors from the latest QorlQ T1 processor series. The TQMT1042 can be scaled within a broad range of applications.
The QorIQ T10xx System-on-Chip (SoC) communication processors with one to four 64-bit e5500 cores offer an excellent software-compatible upgrade pathway to the widespread QorlQ P10xx family of 32-bit processors. The e5500 processor cores work with a frequency of up to 1.4 GHz, a fast L1 and L2 cache, and an additional 256 KB shared platform cache (L3). The addressable storage area comes to up to 64 GB. Integrated hardware acceleration for efficient data processing and additional security mechanisms characterize the entire T1 processor family. The hardware also supports virtualization: tasks can be distributed and parallelized in a simple way, further increasing performance.
With a planned edge length of 74mm x 54mm and an average power consumption of under 10 watts, the embedded module TQMT1042 is an ideal platform for applications for control and data planes, packet processing, and embedded computing in general.
All externally usable signals of the T10xx processors are available on the processor board via industrial connectors - a solution that has proven itself for many years under even the toughest conditions in industrial use.
The customer can use up to 5x Gigabit Ethernet, 4x PCI Gen2, 2x USB 2.0, and two DUARTS for communication by means of at least 360 pins. In additional, further functional units can be connected via SATA, SPI, I2C, and GPIO. Connection of TFT-LCD displays is supported by the Display Interface Unit (DIU).
The embedded module TQMT1042 offers up to 8 GB internal memory with ECC and at least 256 MB NOR Flash for program and data storage as well as an EEPROM. Functionalities like real-time clock, watchdog, JTAG interface, and an Aurora real-time debugging interface for efficient support of software developments finish off the range of functions.
Because of its high computing power and interface integration with simultaneous low power consumption, the TQMT1042 module and its variations are ideal for fanless designs. Thanks to its enormous range of features and interfaces, the TQ Minimodule can be used in a great variety of areas, such as data communication (router, Ethernet switches), travel by rail, air, and sea (network and control applications for rugged and safety-critical environments) and industrial applications (embedded computers, industry automation, smart grid).
With the starter kit, the user can evaluate and use a variety of functions and signals. All signal pins not directly used on the board are available there via multi-pin connectors.
A Linux BSP is being developed for both the module- and mainboard-specific interfaces. Adjustments of specific Linux distributions to, for example, realize safety and security applications are possible upon request.
With this new design, TQ is offering an extremely high-performance product based on the latest Power Architecture™ technology and expanding its product portfolio by an embedded module that permits energy-efficient solutions despite clearly increased performance.

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Through the combination of electronics services and finished system components, TQ offers customer-specific products as ODM products and thereby addresses customers who would like to receive finished products and at the same time benefit from the advantages of a customer-specific solution. ODM products are provided on time and economically using a comprehensive solution kit. The kit includes finished electronic, mechanical and software components including certification and licenses.
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