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TQM8272 – The best combination of price, performance and low power dissipation

With the TQM8272, TQ Components presents a new member of the tried-and-true PowerQUICC II product family

(PresseBox) (Weßling, ) The core of the module consists of a powerful type MPC8272 communication processor based on Power ArchitectureTM. The pin-compatible family members MPC8271, MPC8248 and MPC8247 can be selectively incorporated in the module to optimize project costs.

The PowerPC 603e® core with 760 MIPS at 400 MHz is the powerhouse that produces the high computational power. The integrated communication processor module (CPM) takes over peripheral input and output tasks from the computational core such as calculating checksums for Ethernet packets.

The operating system can be selectively booted from the up to 128 MB NOR flash. Up to 2 GB NAND flash is optionally available for process data or files systems (FFS). NAND flash presently represents the most economical industrially-suitable memory technology for permanent memory.

The module is equipped with up to 256 MB DDR main memory for balanced system performance. The 32 kByte EEPROM is optimally suitable for frequently saving small amounts of data.

The comprehensive features of up to five serial interfaces, 2xCAN 2.0, USB full speed, I²C, SPI and digital I/O underscore the suitability of the module for industrial applications such automation, testing and measurement, data logging, etc.

In conjunction with the two fast Ethernet controllers, an integrated security engine ensures that the transmitted data cannot be read or manipulated by third parties.If needed, an additional three 10 Mbit Ethernet interfaces can be realized through the integrated SCCs.

With the integrated ATM and HDLC controllers, the module is also suitable for telecommunications applications.Even with the lavish features of the module, the average power consumption is less than three watts. An involved cooling system can therefore be dispensed with.

The 32-bit PCI interface allows you to connect the wide range of additional peripherals available on the market with minimum effort. An integrated RTC supplies the application with the system time and date, and thereby rounds out the numerous features of the module.

The standardized JTAG interface is used as a debugging interface.The small dimensions of 100 mm x 68 mm ensure that the module can be easily integrated in the target hardware.

The module is equipped with long-lasting components designed to industrial standards. For use in extremely cold and hot environments, the module can optionally be equipped with components for temperatures ranging from –40°C to +85°C.

Particular care was given to finding the optimum connection system: The mezzanine connectors with a grid of 0.8 mm can withstand major stress and tolerate potential thermal expansion. Factors that ensure years of reliable operation.

For more than ten years, TQ Components has been providing modules from the Power Architecture product line, and not a single module has been discontinued. This reliable strategy ensures the long-term availability of the TQM8272.

When the modules were being developed, great emphasis was placed on compatibility to make it easy to switch to a module from the same module family. TQ Components offer the plug-and-play STK82xx starter kit as an evaluation board and for quick and easy start up. The starter kit supports all TQM82xx modules. The plug-and-play approach saves valuable development time. The customer can focus immediately on the application. This allows products to be launched quickly and economically on the market.

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The TQ Group - The entire world of electronics The TQ Group is composed of TQ Systems, TQ Mechanics and TQ Components. Founded in 1994, the system supplier TQ Systems develops and produces elec-tronic modules and systems according to customer specifications. In the corporate family, TQ Mechanics is responsible for mechanical production. TQ Components markets embedded systems and industrial PCs developed and produced by TQ systems. The TQ Group has over 600 employees. Overall sales attained 98 million in business year 2006/2007.

Range of performance of TQ-Components
One of the strengths of the company are the internally developed embedded TQ modules. TQ offers the entire line of controllers: In addition to 16-bit and 32-bit Infineon modules, the line includes a wide selection of Freescale, VIA and Intel-based processor boards and Xilinx FPGAs. The modules score a hit due to their minimal dimensions and long-term availability and meet high quality demands. Industrial compatibility and a longevity are a top priority at TQ.

Another important pillar of the company is industrial PCs. They set themselves apart through their sturdiness and long-term availability. The space-saving mini-industrial PCs stand out due to their high level of modularity. The customer can achieve his own individual solution without the need to acquire unnecessary product components.