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TiSUN® makes an impact

(PresseBox) (Söll, ) TiSUN® - Made in Tirol by Teufel & Schwarz numbers among the leading solar thermal manufacturers in Europe. With its new company headquarters in Söll, it has created the necessary infrastructure to make its presence felt even more strongly in the international solar market. Also at the INTERSOLAR trade fair in Freiburg (21 – 23 June) the solar provider shows that it has a feel for the right mixture. Collectors and storage systems are at the forefront and have been skillfully placed into the limelight. All round the exhibition, the trade visitors enjoy a tasteful background programme.

At TiSUN®’s Open House Day on 1 June, CEO Gerhard Schwarz in an interview drew attention to a new direction: “All signs are pointed towards expansion.” The aspiring company from Tyrol has been focused on solar heating for two decades and today offers a mature technology, suitable for everyday use. With high grade products and cutting edge manufacturing facilities, TiSUN® is now in the perfect position to harvest all over Europe the energy of the sun. The Intersolar, one of the world’s most important trade fairs for solar energy, offers an ideal platform for establishing international contacts.

The TiSUN® Mixture at the Intersolar – Cocktails & Cinema
When the bottles spiral and whirl through the air, the barkeepers seem more like acrobats. But the result of the dazzling showpiece is not only an enthusiastic public, but also a delicious cocktail. At the very first sip of “TiSUNrise” your spirits are reawakened – the pair of cocktail artists are superb at their craft and mix the very best of the best. The hospitality at this trade fair booth demonstrates hearty Tyrolean readiness-to-serve, as does the invitation to visit the new company headquarters in the homeland of the enterprise.

Precisely what that looks like can be gleaned from the brand new TiSUN® image film on the huge plasma screen – a premiere in cinematic quality, we might add. The high resolution pictures give spectators an overview of the wide ranging factory premises on 30,000 m2. In one of the most modern manufacturing facilities in Europe, there is an annual production capacity of 150,000 m2 of collector surface. At the trade fair booth, the collectors serve as eyecatchers. In the real world, TiSUN® large-scale collectors are suited as on-roof, in-roof and free-standing installations, as well as for facades of buildings. The TiSUN® team can provide expert counsel in Freiburg, including about the storage systems. In any case, the functional principle of the patented solar storage system ProClean® is easy to grasp, since it is based on simple principles of nature. Complicated regulators and pumps would merely raise the susceptibility for breakdowns. “Precisely this simplified construction is the hallmark of our technology,” explains CEO Robin Welling. “We supply high grade, first class technology for everyday use.”

Control laboratories play an important role
In order to keep it that way, the company sets great store in research and development. When the enterprise moved to its new headquarters, the number of employees was doubled in one stroke and spacious new facilities were created. The lab comprises 400 m2 and is on the cusp of time with regard to measuring technologies. New materials are ongoingly tested and tried out, analyses and tests of performance and quality are carried out continually. The products are checked for quality not only at the TiSUN® headquarters, but also subjected to rigorous testing at certified analytical institutes. The result is a series of renowned certifications, making the efforts of our research and development department crystal clear to the customer. The quality of the cocktails, on the other hand, is left to the judgment and discretion of the public of experts at the Intersolar fair.


TiSUN® - Made in Tirol by Teufel & Schwarz was established in 1989 by Arnold Teufel and Gerhard Schwarz. It manufactures high grade sun collectors and stratified storage tanks. With innovative blue chip technology, premium quality and a superb sales network, TiSUN® with its current staff of 130 has enjoyed substantial growth rates for years now. TiSUN® is market leader in western Austria and exports about 70% of its products, primarily to Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Belgium.