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Operating system optional: Free TI StarterWare enables quick and simple programming of TI embedded processors

New software packages for TI's Sitara(TM) 32-bit ARM® microprocessors, C6000(TM) DSPs and DSP + ARM processors reduce development time up to 10X

(PresseBox) (DALLAS, ) Embedded software programming comprises the majority of the product development cycle. Significantly reducing learning curves and accelerating development time in the embedded design process, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced its free StarterWare software packages, offering user-friendly, production-ready software for Sitara(TM) 32-bit ARM® microprocessor (MPU), C6000(TM) digital signal processor (DSP) and DSP + ARM developers. StarterWare provides application developers with a flexible starting point that does not require the use of an operating system. In addition, StarterWare allows for easy migration to other TI embedded devices.

StarterWare simplifies and accelerates development

TI's new StarterWare software packages simplify the ARM MPU and DSP development process, offering application programming interfaces (APIs) to configure and interface with peripherals. In addition, StarterWare includes lightweight software stacks to enable USB, network and graphics functionality. Example code and application notes included with StarterWare reduce development time up to 10X.

The software packages do not require using or learning the intricacies of an operating system, enabling developers to accelerate time to market. Without having to access the hardware through an operating system, developers can fine-tune the system to achieve optimal resource management of the CPU, peripherals and memory, and to reduce system latencies by up to 500X compared to running under the Linux® operating system. In more complex systems that may require an operating system to manage multiple data flows, StarterWare provides an optimum foundation. Many real-time operating system (RTOS) vendors are planning to leverage StarterWare in their offerings for TI embedded processors.

In addition to these benefits provided by StarterWare for TI's Sitara 32-bit ARM MPUs and C6000 DSPs, TI's DSP + ARM processors are supported with a simplified and low-latency inter-processor communication software layer that does not require an operating system, enabling processing and input/output (I/O) tasks to be efficiently shared between the two cores for optimized system performance.

StarterWare enables easy migration across TI's embedded devices

TI's StarterWare software packages enable customers to migrate easily among TI embedded devices. A software designer can migrate from a Stellaris® ARM Cortex(TM) -M microcontroller (MCU) to a Sitara 32-bit ARM MPU by programming the MPU like an MCU, using the software's familiar MCU tool chains such as IAR and Keil(TM) . Developers can also scale from an ARM MPU to a C6000 DSP or DSP + ARM processor because the software offers the same API calls for DSPs and ARM MPUs.

Pricing and availability

Developers can start innovating today with StarterWare packages customized for each TI device. StarterWare for TI's AM18x ARM9(TM) MPUs, OMAP-L138 DSP + ARM9 processor and TMS320C6748 DSP is available for free download today, with packages for additional devices planned for the coming months.

These StarterWare software packages are building on the success of the StellarisWare® software suite, which reduces barriers to entry, accelerates time to market and sparks innovation for MCU developers.

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