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Press releases and more in English for the German market

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) Whenever companies want to present industrial articles or other pieces of text, they can now use the services of Technische Presse Berlin. TPB produces and publishes high level technical articles and press releases in both English and German for different industries.

To achieve a maximum effect and delivery, many pieces of text need to be translated or better transferred into other languages. This can be an overwhelming task for someone who either lacks the skill or the time to do this. Technische Presse Berlin will prove to be a valuable partner to all those who either don t know how or don t have the time to do this kind of work.

Technische Presse Berlin supports companies from different industries to be competitive in international markets, when a lot of information has to be published in different languages and in regional media, as only this will provide maximum effect and spreading. Every company can improve their market presence by launching press releases, wherever they want to make themselves public and advertise themselves. The services offered will raise the company s presence in the market, and is well suited for preparing fairs, product lauches and updates and all other company news that will enhance and strengthen their image.

Technische Presse Berlin

Technische Presse Berlin provides the services of writing and translating articles and press releases in both English and German. She reworks the information provided by a company individually and makes it suitable for the key market groups. German text will be translated into English, and vice versa.