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TC TrustCenter and CI Plus announce significant early adoption of Standard

CI Plus Standard Makes Bold First Steps Into the Market

(PresseBox) (Hamburg, ) CI Plus, the CE industry backed technology for allowing secure delivery of premium pay TV services to Integrated Digital TV's, Set Top Boxes and Personal Video Recorders, has announced the initial details of the take up of the technology.

TC TrustCenter, the leading On Demand PKI services provider based in Germany, today announced that the new CI Plus system has made huge strides into the market since it went live in January 2009. TC TrustCenter acts as the exclusive Trust and Certificate Authority for CI Plus.

In the first two months since launch at least eight major consumer electronics manufacturers and three CI Plus CAM manufacturers have licensed the technology and certified products.

TC TrustCenter has issued more than 3 million CI Plus Device certificates to those early adopters in less than 3 months.

In addition TC TrustCenter reports significant interest and intention to sign up from a large number of other organisations.

"These numbers indicate a real market demand for CI Plus and demonstrate that the technology is already on its way to becoming a de facto industry standard," states Laurent Jabiol Deputy CEO and Founder of Neotion, one of the founder members of the CI Plus LLP, the industry forum who created the specification.

Keith Potter, CEO of Digital TV Labs, the authorised CI Plus Test facility, comments: "Digital TV Labs is hugely encouraged by the initial market response to CI Plus technology, and we are delighted to be appointed as the first CI Plus test centre and associated with this new technology launch. Since opening our CI Plus test facility in January 2009, we have already seen a significant number of host and CAM manufacturers undergo successful certification."

Dr. Artur Heil, Director of Sales and Marketing, EMEA at TC TrustCenter GmbH, adds: "This take up has exceeded all expectation and we are hugely optimistic about the future potential of this technology and our ability to deliver high volumes as the adoption grows."

About CI Plus

LLP CI Plus LLP is a UK Registered Limited Liability Partnership. The founder members of CI Plus LLP are Sony, SmarDTV, Samsung, Philips and Neotion.

In summer of 2007 the following companies, Neotion, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, SmarDTV and Sony, created the CI+ Forum. The CI+ Forum comprised a set of companies, CE Manufacturers and Common Interface Module Manufacturers, with a shared interest in extending the existing DVB Common Interface Standard to support additional security and features that would give the Pay TV Value Chain the confidence to deliver Pay TV Services to a wide range of consumer electronics devices equipped with the new extensions.

In January 2008 the CI+ Forum published V1.00 CI Plus Specification.

CI Plus LLP is now the corporate legal entity that takes CI Plus forward to market launch and deployment and takes over immediately the role of the former CI+ Forum in terms of ownership of the CI Plus Specifications and their future maintenance.
Going forward the CI Plus LLP will take the role of CI Plus Trust Authority and, with the assistance of its appointed agents, will operate the technology licensing, testing and certificate procurement regimes required to allow market deployment of CI Plus.

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About Neotion

NEOTION is a French high-tech company created in 2000, and listed on the Alternext of Euronext (Paris). NEOTION is a leading provider of highly-sophisticated System-on-a-Chip (SoC) MPEG-4 processors as well as secured silicons fulfilling the highest grade of Security for Pay TV and VOD. Sidewise, NEOTION builds turnkey sub-systems and reference designs enabling seamless integration and unrivalled time to market for the Consumer Electronics Industry and the TV Operators. As part of its numerous patent portfolio, NEOTION is the inventor of the original MPEG-4 decoder in a card designed for Common Interface receivers (iDTV and set-top boxes). NEOTION is an active Member of several Standardization and Digital TV lobbying activities, namely DVB Project, CI+ Forum, DTG UK, and DigiTAG. For more information, visit

About Digital TV Labs:

Digital TV Labs provides specialised conformance testing products and services to ensure that DVB receivers across various worldwide geographies and platforms meet the numerous legal, technical and market requirements. The company was founded in 2005 by a group of digital TV experts to cater for DVB receiver manufacturers struggling with ensuring conformance with all the differing DVB-T networks, resulting in incompatible products, poor quality user experience and high return rates. Since January 2009, Digital TV Labs are the worlds first official CI Plus Test facility.

Digital TV Labs customers include some of the biggest names in the consumer electronics industry, including Philips, LG, Toshiba and STMicroelectronics. For more information about Digital TV Labs visit

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TC TrustCenter GmbH

For more than 10 years TC TrustCenter has been a key partner for commercial sector organisations with its solutions for authentication, verification and encryption. As one of the first Trustcenters we provide world wide trust to the internet and electronic B2B Business with our Managed Services. In Europe as well as in the US we have a broad range of project and industry experience regarding PKI and considerable references of international customers.

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