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IdenTrust and TC TrustCenter Partner to Offer Trusted Identity Solutions to Financial Services Institutions

TC TrustCenter Solutions Meet Global Financial Services Industry Standards for Identity Validation and Management

(PresseBox) (Hamburg, ) TC TrustCenter, a leading provider of On Demand Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security services, today announced that it has extended its partnership with IdenTrust, a leader in trusted identity solutions, to provide TC TrustCenter s global financial services customers with additional IdenTrust Compliant products and services.

IdenTrust has long set the standards for the financial services industry s authentication and validation of digital identities, TC TrustCenter has been IdenTrust compliant for nearly a decade. Today s announcement marks the expansion of the relationship to include TC TrustCenter s On Demand PKI security services designed for banks and other financial institutions.

IdenTrust has developed standards and a community of technology and service partners to create a globally recognized identity authentication infrastructure. IdenTrust designed the network to give financial institutions and other businesses a common mechanism for authenticating individuals and businesses and to enable trusted online financial relationships. IdenTrust Compliance allows banks and other institutions to offer their customers the ability to have authenticated users digitally sign and encrypt documents, for example, and to provide secure, legally binding instructions over the Internet. Customers gain a single, interoperable way to authenticate themselves to all of their financial institutions and, thus, lower time, cost and risk with IdenTrust Compliant software and services.

TC TrustCenter provides a wide range of services and software for authenticating users, computers, devices and businesses, and then securing information such as email, mobile code and documents, passing across networks. The company has more than 3,500 customers around the world, many of which are in the financial services industry, and strengthening its partnership with IdenTrust allows TC TrustCenter to service the multi-national institutions that adhere to IdenTrust standards.

'Our services are designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding, security-conscious customers, and that has meant banks and other financial institutions', said Dean Coclin, Vice President of Business Development of TC TrustCenter. 'By extending our relationship with IdenTrust, which began nearly 10 years ago, TC TrustCenter is now also able to offer customers an even higher level of assurance in the quality and security of our services.'

'Compliance with standards set by the IdenTrust identity community conveys to financial institutions that TC TrustCenters s software meets strict identity standards and is in adherence with those standards over time', said Andrea Klein, Chief Marketing Officer, IdenTrust. 'As important, IdenTrust compliance ensures a globally interoperable means of identity authentication that is essential for today s businesses and financial institutions. We look forward to expanding our work with TC TrustCenter and welcome the company s active participation in the IdenTrust network.'

About IdenTrust

IdenTrust is a leader in trusted identity solutions recognized by financial institutions, government agencies and businesses around the world. IdenTrust enables organizations to effectively manage the risks associated with identity authentication. The only bank-developed identity authentication system, IdenTrust provides a legally and technologically interoperable environment for authenticating and using identities worldwide.

The IdenTrust Trust Infrastructure is predicated on a proprietary framework that combines policies, legal framework, trusted operations and technology (P.L.O.T.) to create a comprehensive environment for issuing trusted identities. IdenTrust is the only company to provide a solution incorporating all four of these elements. Customer agreements are valid, binding and enforceable in more than 175 countries. IdenTrust identities are globally interoperable under uniform private contracts recognized in countries around the world. Additionally, the IdenTrust Trust Infrastructure maintains the privacy of each and every transaction processed by reading only digital certificate information, not the message itself. For more information, visit

TC TrustCenter GmbH

TC TrustCenter GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of ChosenSecurity, Inc., is a leading specialist for certificates and security solutions along the entire value chain of identity verification. The portfolio includes web security services for the protection of e-commerce transactions, managed security services, and complex PKI solutions including comprehensive consulting services. TC TrustCenter has experience in many national, international and global projects in various industries for more than ten years. TC TrustCenter is an accredited certification service provider according to German signature law, European signature law, IdenTrust and SISAC. For more information, please visit