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Transferring more than Ink: our tampon printing process can do more

(PresseBox) (Korntal-Münchingen, ) TAMPOPRINT® offers also special machines based on the principle of the "tampon printing process", but not for printing (decorating, marking). Then, it is not printing ink which is transferred but a wide variety of media. The major advantage of the flexible tampon system is of use here.

By using the tampon system technology not only printing inks are transferred but also:

- Primer for vulcanisation
- Medicines, e.g. on nicotine patches
- Lubricants / separating agents
- Galvano masking print (paint covering before galvanisation)
- Silver and gold compounds
- Media from industrial developments: Special materials such as primer and glue, Molykote for piston coating
- Bonding agents from the Henkel company - Chemosil (Liquid is printed on, in order to spray a rubber lip onto the part. It is necessary, in order to get adhesion between the plastic and the rubber.)
- Primer (silicone oil), in order to make it easier to install door bellows during production.
- Grease, to lubricate components. (For this purpose, there is a special ink/doctoring cup, in order to press the viscous grease onto the cliché).
- Molykote lubricant
- Adhesives (solvent-based)
- Dispersion glue from the Jowat company
- Heat conductive compounds

The transferring of a wide variety of media has been realised in cooperation with industrial customers - exnovation. Often with non-disclosure agreements. Solutions are worked-out together with our in-house development department. TAMPOPRINT® considers itself as a system provider realising complex technologies and production processes.