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TAIYO YUDEN Expands Its Lineup of Small-size, High-capacity Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors and Highly Advanced Products

Co-existence of a High Rated Voltage and the Highest Capacity in the World Enables Compatibility with Increased Performance of Mobile Devices

(PresseBox) (TOKYO, ) TOKYO, September 25, 2013 ― TAIYO YUDEN adds products with a rated voltage of 6.3 V to its 2.2μF-capacitance EIA 0201 size, 22μF-capacitance EIA 0402 size, and 47μF-capacitance EIA 0603 size devices setting the world standard for the maximum capacitance in each size. These products have a rated voltage that has been increased by approximately 1.5 times from the rated voltage of our conventional products of 4.0 V to 6.3 V making these products the
world’s top-class combined devices with rated voltage and capacitance. These products are used for the decoupling of the IC power supply lines in small mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet devices.

Production will commence at the company’s Tamamura plant in Japan’s Gunma prefecture from October 2013 onward at a production rate of 50 million units per month for the EIA 0201 size and the EIA 0402 size, and at a production rate of 10 million units per month for the EIA 0603 size.

Technology Background
The market continues to drive the need for improvement in functionality and performance concentrated into small and thin housing used for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet devices. This demand for improvement in the performance of ICs used in these devices directly translates to the need for small-size and high-capacity multilayer ceramic capacitors used for the purpose of decoupling of power supply lines. On the other hand, while several ICs are oaded in a device, these ICs operate at various voltages, and therefore, the rated voltage of 4.0 V, achieved in our conventional products, does not comply with some IC power supply lines. TAIYO YUDEN’s innovation and development of small-size high-capacity multilayer ceramic capacitors from the conventional 4.0 V to 6.3 V addresses this critical market need. Due to an increase in the rated
voltage it is now possible to comply with a large number of IC power supply lines.
Since TAIYO YUDEN’s commercialization of a nickel-electrode high capacity multilayer ceramic capacitor in 1984, the company has promoted multilayer ceramic capacitors that are ever more compact, and have a higher capacity and higher rated voltage through its advances in material and multilayer technology. TAIYO YUDEN is committed to continue its focus on the development of super high-end products in order to supply small-size, high-capacity multilayer ceramic
capacitors, which match the needs of the customers and markets we serve, while staying ahead our competitors.

For decoupling of IC power supply lines in small mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet devices. The maximum capacitance of small-size, high-capacity multilayer ceramic capacitors in each size is as follows. ( *: New product developed this time )

EIA 01005 EIA 0201 EIA 0402 EIA 0603
(0.4 x 0.2mm) (0.6 x 0.3mm) (1.0 x 0.5mm) (1.6 x 0.8mm)
Capacitance 0.22 μF 2.2 μF 22 μF 47 μF
Characteristics 4 V/X5R, 4 V/X5R, 4 V/X5R, 4 V/X5R,
6.3 V/X5R *6.3 V/X5R *6.3 V/X5R *6.3 V/X5R

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