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Explosive Ordnance Disposal Simulator

szenaris GmbH delivers Virtual Reality training system to the German Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal centre

(PresseBox) (Bremen, ) The detection and disposal of explosive ordnance such as mines and bombs is a dangerous task, which nowadays is often carried out by remote-controlled robots. The operation of these systems requires skills and a comprehensive training. The training for the so-called manipulator vehicles will now become significantly more efficient by the use of a Virtual Reality simulation, which has been delivered to the German Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal centre by the company szenaris from Bremen.

The “Manipulator Vehicle Training Equipment” enables the control of virtual 3D models of the robots using the original control devices. In 13 virtual scenarios – e. g. at a car, in a bus, airplane or airport, on a tarmac or in commercial buildings – the trainer can place different suspicious objects, which the operator needs to find and dispose of with a manipulator vehicle.

The virtual vehicles behave absolutely realistic, since parameters such as tilting, driving dynamics, acceleration and braking or climbing and descent dynamics are realistically simulated. Furthermore, the system features high-quality, realistic graphics. This makes the training system interesting for all EOD staff that need to be trained for vehicles like “tEODor” or “PackBot” or that need to train to handle critical situations with those vehicles.

szenaris GmbH

szenaris enables the efficient qualification of employees using custom-made learning software and simulation systems. The operation of a complex technical system can be trained as efficiently as the remote operation of a robot or the comprehension of demanding theoretical learning contents. szenaris develops custom-made solutions based on Computer Based Training (CBT), Web Based Training (WBT), simulations in virtual environments (Virtual Reality) and complex team training systems.