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SYSGO and UniControls build safe and secure railway platform

• UniControls brings multi-core platform CS-C01 with ELinOS • UniControls and SYSGO build safe and secure COTS platform based on CS-C01 and PikeOS

(PresseBox) (Mainz/Klein-Winternheim, ) Prague / Mainz – October 23, 2014

At the Berlin rail fair InnoTrans, SYSGO and UniControls agreed on the development of a joint COTS platform for the railway industry targeting the highest safety level. With CS-C01, UniControls contributes a Freescale QorlQ P3041 Quadcore communication processor based hardware, which is supported by SYSGO’s hypervisor PikeOS. PikeOS already runs on Freescale’s P3041DS Hydra and is certified to the highest level SIL 4 of the railway safety standard EN 50128. UniControls offers the new modular product line Uni SmartLine for railway infrastructure and on-board electronics based on 3U format.

Uni SmartLine
UniControls has introduced a new product line covering wide range of railway industry needs. It is based on the quad core CPU P3041 incorporating all advantages of the computing platform offering a wide range of extension cards. As a completion of the current UNITRACK Systems it represents UniControl’s answer on the latest market demand.

New product line thanks to EU research project
The system development was supported by results from the research project SESAMO. For the first phase of the project, SYSGO has provided its Embedded Linux development environment ELinOS. During the SESAMO project, security aspects were evaluated. It resulted in the support of proven security on-chip features and a preliminary security report.

For next phase, PikeOS support was granted. The PikeOS hypervisor brings partitioning and clear separation of software on a central CS-C01 card targeting SIL4 safety level. Communication and data flow between the applications and the outside world are controlled by the PikeOS microkernel. In addition to functional safety, this allows a review of the IT Security up to Common Criteria EAL 5/6.

First use case in the ‚Embedded Safety and Security Interface’ (ESSI) shows how balanced security measures could support functional safety.

The EN 50128 certified hypervisor PikeOS will be available on CS-C01 end of October 2014.

About PikeOS Hypervisor
PikeOS is a hypervisor intended for embedded systems with safety and security requirements. With real-time, virtualization and partitioning, it provides all the features needed to build today’s multi-functional and high-integrated devices. The PikeOS architecture creates a foundation for critical systems allowing official approval by the authorities in reference to safety and security standards. PikeOS is the only European software platform for smart devices in the Internet-of-Things.

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Since 1992, SYSGO provides operating systems and services for embedded systems. In the late 90’s, SYSGO pioneered the use of Linux in the embedded market with the ELinOS distribution. For safety and security critical devices, SYSGO offers PikeOS, the world’s first SIL4 certified hypervisor for multi-core processors, which builds the foundation for smart devices in the Internet-of-Things. With its product portfolio, SYSGO is the leading non-US RTOS-supplier with customers like Samsung, Airbus, Thales, Continental, B. Braun, and many more. Markets include Aerospace & Defense, Industrial Automation, Automotive, Railway, Medical and Network Infrastructure. SYSGO is majority-owned by Thales and has facilities in Germany, France, Czech Republic, UK and North America. It maintains a global distribution network and supports its customers in formal certification according to international safety and security standards.

And about UniControls
Since its founding in 1991, UniControls has been systematically engaged in the development, production and installation of control systems and of electronic equipment in the fields of rail transportation and industrial monitoring. UniControls specialises principally in applications requiring a high degree of reliability in demanding work environments. The path taken, in the direction of highly innovative products, corresponds with the Company’s goal to become known as a leading and internationally recognised supplier of control systems and related comprehensive services. The UniControls Company’s success is based on its stability, reliability and long-term cooperation with its customers, employees and partners. The UniControls Company is continuously expanding its range of products and services in order to be able to offer a wide range of control systems and electronic devices both for transportation technology and for industrial control.