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SYSGO and OSADL join forces to run extensive testing on the next version of ELinOS

(PresseBox) (Mainz, ) SYSGO, leading supplier of software solutions for the world's most demanding safety and security applications, announces that the coming new release of ELinOS, its Industrial Grade Embedded Linux product, is running in the OSADL (Open Source Automation Development Lab) Realtime QA Farm.

SYSGO is actively working on the new 6.0 release of ELinOS. In addition to its own in-house test suites always used for new versions, SYSGO is using an extensive test suite provided by OSADL which focuses on stability and capabilities of the real-time Linux kernel.

"Our Industrial Grade Linux product is from the beginning clearly targeting the embedded Linux applications that need to be as reliable as possible and easy to develop and deploy", said Matthias Loetzke, Director User Experience at SYSGO. "As a member of the OSADL, we are pleased to add to our usual testing process the tremendous experience and knowledge brought by this consortium."

Months before its official release, ELinOS 6.0 has been integrated into the OSADL Realtime QA Farm, a set of industrial boards and Linux programs configured to perform quality checking.

The pre-release of ELinOS is running on a phyFLEX i.MX 6 platform from Phytec. SYSGO provides a Board Support Package (BSP) based on the mainline Linux kernel without vendor specific patches or proprietary device drivers for i.MX6 boards. This enables SYSGO to use up-to-date kernel versions for this CPU.

ELinOS industrial grade Linux provides the PREEMPT_RT real-time patches based on OSADL's recommendation. These recommendations are the result of long-term testing for stability and performance at the OSADL QA Farm. The tests have already been started in order to overview a long enough time period prior to the scheduled ELinOS release in June 2014. They reveal very promising results.


OSADL aims to promote and support the development of Open Source software for the automation industry and embedded systems in general. OSADL is an international cooperative registered in Germany and accepts member companies from all over the world. In addition, universities and other research institutions may become academic OSADL members. The OSADL testing laboratories provide both continuous system integration of Linux kernel development and continuous monitoring of individual embedded systems.

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SYSGO provides operating system technology, middleware, and software services for the real-time and embedded market. A differentiating capability of SYSGO is the SSV (Safe and Secure Virtualization) product PikeOS, a real-time operating system and hypervisor built upon a small, fast, safe and secure microkernel. It supports the co-existence of independent personalities on a single platform, including ELinOS, SYSGO's embedded Linux distribution. SYSGO supports international customers with services for embedded Linux, real-time capabilities and certification at the highest levels for safety- and security-critical applications. Markets include Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Railway, Medical, Industrial Automation, Smart Energy and Security. Customers include Airbus, Thales, Continental, Raytheon, Samsung, Rheinmetall, Rockwell-Collins, B. Braun, Miele and Rohde & Schwarz. SYSGO, majority-owned by Thales, has facilities in Germany, France, The Czech Republic, UK and North America, and offers a global distribution and support network, including Europe and the Pacific Rim.

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