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Synthesis AG releases SyncML Client SDK for iPhone OS

(PresseBox) (Zürich, ) Synthesis AG today released the iPhone OS version of its Synthesis SyncML Client SDK. The SDK is based on the same SyncML Engine library that build the foundation for Synthesis' advanced Todo+Cal+Sync task/calendar manager iPhone application and the free contacts SyncML client. Now the SDK allows iPhone developers to integrate full SyncML functionality in their own applications. The Synthesis SyncML Client SDK for iPhone includes a free version of the library and a sample XCode project implementing a fully functional SyncML client for iPhone contacts. The "Synthesis SyncML DEMO Library License" allows free use of the library in non-commercial projects. For commercial projects, the library can be licensed from Synthesis AG.

The Synthesis SyncML Client library contains a complete implementation of the SyncML DS (OMA DS) standard, including advanced functionality like filtering, suspend&resume, flexible data formats and much more. It not only abstracts the SyncML protocol, but also provides converters for all data formats used in SyncML and allows direct mapping to database tables such as SQLite3. Synthesis SyncML Client library also exists in an open source form for the Linux platform (libsynthesis), and as a commercial library for MacOS X and Windows.

With the Synthesis SyncML Client SDK for iPhone, it is easy for iPhone application developers to add SyncML based two-way synchronisation for both standard and custom datatypes to their applications. The Synthesis SyncML engine is driven by a XML configuration file, which is platform independent and allows reusing data format definitions, field mappings to database schemas and custom database adaptors across all supported platforms, for both client and server implementations. This simplifies creating multi-platform SyncML solutions, and enables the iPhone to participate in existing SyncML based environments.

The free version of the client library supports SQLite3 based datastores directly without coding - the entire interfacing and mapping can be done in the XML configuration file. It also has a dedicated adaptor built-in for accessing iPhoneOS address book data. With the licensed version of the library, additionally custom database adaptors can be created in Objective C, C++ or C to connect any other data source with the SyncML world.

Synthesis's SyncML technology has a world wide reputation as a highly interoperable and standards compliant SyncML implementation. This technology is used in all of Synthesis'

products that bring SyncML to various mobile, desktop and server platforms. In it's open source form (libsynthesis) it is part of the SyncEvolution project, which acts as the data sync component in the new Moblin 2.0 mobile Linux release. As a module, it enables various vendor's products and services for SyncML.

Synthesis SyncML Client SDK for iPhone is now available for download from Synthesis' website - free registration is required to get access.

About SyncML/OMA DS: The SyncML initiative was founded in 2000 to develop a universal standard for data synchronization by IBM, Lotus, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, Psion and Starfish Software. In 2002, the SyncML initiative was was consolidated with the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) and is since maintained by OMA under the official name OMA DS (data sync).
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Synthesis AG

Synthesis AG is a small Swiss based, self owned software development company founded 1996, which has focused on creating high quality SyncML solutions since the SyncML standard came into existence in 2000. Synthesis' SyncML products have become known world wide as a reliable choice for integrating Windows Mobile, PalmOS and now iPhone mobile devices into SyncML based collaboration systems, as well as a versatile building blocks for creating SyncML enabled server products and services.

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