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New Symeo radio sensor system records distances down to the centimetre

New product uses 61GHz radio: Symeo LPR-1DHP delivers maximum reliability and precision over up to 500 metres

(PresseBox) (Neubiberg, ) The Munich based sensor specialist, Symeo GmbH, has launched a new, highly accurate solution for measuring distances of objects in motion. The new Symeo LPR-1DHP is based on the industry proven Symeo Local Positioning Radar (LPR®) technology which now for the first time is being employed in the 61GHz frequency range. The robust, advanced radio sensor system enables real time distance measurements down to the centimetre as well as position control of moving objects in industrial applications.

Now, Symeo's patented Local Positioning Radar (LPR®) can also transmit in the licence-free 61GHz frequency range. This amounts to a technological breakthrough achieved by Symeo's sensor specialists because for the first time, radio waves within the EHF (Extremely High Frequency) band can be used for distance measurements of consistently high accuracy with the help of LPR® technology. Mounted on cranes, transfer cars or other linear moving objects, Symeo LPR-1DHP units can capture the signals of stationary reference marks over distances of up to 500 metres. The Local Positioning Radar uses the signal propagation time of the 61GHz radio waves to calculate distances in real time - contactless, reliable, with consistant accuracy, and down to the centimetre.

5.8GHz vs. 61GHz: physical characteristics of the two frequency bands

The 61GHz band LPR-1DHP is insensitive to weather as well as other disturbing influences just as the 5.8GHz frequency range LPR systems already are. It is maintenance-free, making it especially suitable for industrial use under rough conditions.

When using 5.8GHz centimetre waves, a range of different antenna types with radiation characteristics tailored to the specific application can be employed, and they are connected via an HF cable. The LPR-1DHP's 61GHz millimetre waves propagate via a compact, highly directive antenna integrated into the casing. This enables 1-D linear distance measurements to objects within a visual range of up to 500 metres that are outstandingly well suited to record especially fast and even minute movements in real time. By combining two LPR-1DHP systems, separate drives of large cranes can be synchronised in a highly accurate and reliable fashion without optical or mechanical systems, for instance.

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Symeo develops and markets products and solutions enabling accurate and contactless position detection for vehicles, cranes, and objects, for distance measurement, as well as anti-collision control systems. Catering for applications in rough environments, Symeo's products are of especially robust design.

Symeo offers Local Positioning Radar (LPR®), a radio based, real-time capable absolute measuring system ideally suited for industrial applications. Symeo has years of experience in developing cost-effective custom industrial solutions based on LPR® and GPS technology. Combining these two technologies with additional non-contact sensor equipment (such as optical systems or acceleration sensors) serves to complement their performance.

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