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New reach truck FM-X from Still

Ergonomics and Performance of the Highest Standard

(PresseBox) (Hamburg, ) The Hamburg-based company Still GmbH, a leading supplier of intelligent intralogistics control systems, has replaced its proven reach trucks type FM with a completely new group of models designated FM-X. Six different loadbearing capacities ranging from 1.0 to 2.5 tonnes are available. The FM-X can be configured at the customer’s option in construction kit form to suit the use. In addition drive-in, cold store and two slim versions are available. The FM-X is a premium product and provides three main features: the highest possible degree of ergonomics for the driver, the best possible turnaround performance for operation and the best cost/benefit ratio for the customer.

The driver's compartment is particularly spacious with adjustable control elements and plenty of leg freedom. As an option the entire driver’s compartment unit (seat, footplate, pedals) can be hydraulically cushioned, by means of which shocks and impacts from uneven terrain can be reduced by 57 %. This effectively counteracts the constantly increasing number of cost-intensive back problems and long absence times. With this feature STILL has anticipated the intensified statutes of the EU.
Proportional adjustment of the seat and footplate, which can even be equipped with an electrical fast version, is also optionally obtainable.

Ergonomic adaptation to the control elements and the best possible view of the fork tips for all body sizes are important points for safe and careful operation. The comfortable driver’s seat, which has individual weight and horizontal adjustment and an optional unique 15° tilting technique, makes it possible to view upwards and laterally past the lift frame without straining your neck. The multifunctional joystick makes it possible to simultaneously and tactfully activate all the hydraulic functions without having to change your grip. Numerous equipment features are exclusive and obtainable only from Still.

OPTISPEED: Balance between speed and safety

This also applies to the performance features, which are always coupled with safety aspects. Thus the driving speed is reduced continuously when cornering, which is a particularly great advantage for drivers without much practice and for sensitive merchandise. Thanks to the “OPTISPEED” system the drive speeds and ramp functions are adapted automatically depending on the lift height and load. Finally the program provides for a high speed when lifting, lowering and sliding, which clearly accelerates work incurred in the warehouse and increases the turnaround performance and safety.

Drivers can select from five drive profiles, the drive speed, acceleration and deceleration behaviour being presettable parameters that are independent of the drive direction. Thanks to this the FM-X can be individually set to different drivers and warehouse circumstances. Lift height display, lift height preselection and camera systems effectively support the warehouse process, which increases turnaround of the goods and safety in the warehouse.
It is the well thought-out interplay between all the systems that enables the improved turnaround performance. This includes the reduction in mast vibration by means of OPTISPEED and brisk operation without having to change grip thanks to the joystick, which can be tactfully actuated with several simultaneous overlaying movements. Good vision conditions all round as well as into the shelves and excellent acceleration values add to the overall concept.

With its new FM-X product group Still has developed solutions that can be of great benefit for a multitude of industries. These trucks are allrounders, for warehouses with a shelf height of up to 12 m and for effective horizontal transport. They are indispensable in all branches of industry, in particular for companies involved in retailing, logistics, distribution and forwarding. Still’s reach trucks are also the first choice for all other sectors that maintain warehouses, for example, Germany’s showpiece industries “chemicals, automotive and mechanical engineering”.

Photo captions:
Photo 1: Still’s reach truck type FM-X with ergonomics and performance of the highest standard

Photo 2: Still’s reach truck type FM-X in use


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