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The cool-in-summer winter heating

Cooling and heating with heat pumps

(PresseBox) (Holzminden, ) What on earth is going on? You have the feeling that the winter isn t really winter any more and the summers keep marking up one record temperature after another. Climate change is making itself felt.

Pleasantly cool in summer and cosily warm in winterthat would be ideal. An appliance that can do both is the heat pump. With the new WPL cool from STIEBEL ELTRON you have all the options for advanced regulation of the correct room temperature. For this line of air/water heat pumps can heat things up or cool them down, just as you need it.

One thing is obvious: We will still need heatingmore at times and less at others. At the same time we need to get used to the idea of noticeably more extreme temperatures in the summer months.

The WPL cool runs best in a range between -20 to +30 degrees outside temperature. The new heat pump can provide heating, supply domestic hot water aw well asand this is what s so specialit can also provide cooling. What s responsible for this is a reversible cooling circuit. In summer the heat pump becomes, as it were, an air-conditioning unit. The unwanted heat in the room is conveyed to the heat pump via fan convectors and given off into the outside air. An electronic expansion valve ensures optimum regulation of the process. It adjusts perfectly to both modes of operation using unique control electronics.

The modern system makes a significant contribution towards increasing the value and comfort of property as a future-proof investment. Just as the air/water heat pumps from STIEBEL ELTRON that have already been fitted in their thousands, the new WPL cool is also available for installation indoors and outdoors, and with three output levels is ideally suited for modernisations. The compact appliance is protected against corrosion by a white, powder-coated, galvanised sheet steel housing. When installed outside a "roof" protects the heat pump from inclement weather. The air intake and exhaust apertures are built into this cover at the same time.