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A cool combination heat pump for heating and cooling

(PresseBox) (Holzminden, ) “When the rooster crows on the heap of dung the weather will change or stay as it is” – even those traditional German Folk sayings are not really helpful in these days. Wherever a possibly coming climate change will lead us in future, one thing is really obvious: Heating of flats and houses will also be necessary in future – sometimes more, sometimes less, as the two last, very different winter seasons have clearly shown. At the same time, we must be prepared for very extreme heat during the summer moths. Thus, it is advantageous to be prepared for both situations at least within one’s own four walls.
Thanks to the new air/water heat pump WPL cool, the latest technology for adjusting comfortable room temperatures is available during winter and summer times, since the new STIEBEL ELTRON heat pump provides central heating, cooling, and even DHW. And what is so very special about it is its extremely silent operation such that the heat pump is hardly ever heard during operation. An electronic expansion valve ensures an optimum control of heating and cooling processes and an even better energy efficiency.
As secure and future-proof investment, the modern system considerably contributes to an enhancement in value and comfort of properties. As STIEBEL ELTRON air/water heat pumps already installed a thousand times as well, the new WPL cool is suitable for internal or external installation and with its three power stages is particularly suitable for modernising old properties. The white galvanized steel sheet casing of the compact unit is corrosion protected. In case of an outdoor installation, a special ‘roof’ construction of the heat pump provides protection against the inclemencies of the weather. The air intake and exhaust openings are simultaneously integrated into this cover.
An air/water heat pump provides heating power in a compact form. Even at temperatures of -20°C, the system utilizes ambient air for heating purposes. Furthermore, the heat pump is characterized by its silent operation. With flow temperatures of up to 60°C, this type of heating is the optimum system in terms of operating costs and environmental pollution.
For cooling purposes during summer times, the WPL cool simply withdraws undesirable heat from the rooms using fan convectors or coffers and gives it off into the outside air by means of the heat pump.

Stiebel Eltron GmbH & Co. KG

STIEBEL ELTRON bietet komfortable technische Lösungen rund um die Themen Erneuerbare Energien, Warmwasser, Klima und Raumheizung. Mit ca. 3.200 Mitarbeitern, davon 2.000 in Deutschland, erwirtschaftete der deutsche Marktführer in Sachen Wärmepumpe in 2008 einen Umsatz von ca. 460Millionen Euro. Das Unternehmen gehört jeweils zur Hälfte den beiden Söhnen des Firmengründers: Frank Stiebel und Dr. Ulrich Stiebel.

Im niedersächsischen Holzminden liegen der Hauptsitz der STIEBEL ELTRON-Gruppe sowie die größten Produktionsstätten. Weitere Werke bestehen im chinesischen Tianjin sowie in Poprad in der Slowakei und im thailändischen Ayutthaya. Mit 16 Tochtergesellschaften und zahlreichen Vertretungen weltweit hat STIEBEL ELTRON erfolgreich den Sprung ins Ausland vollzogen.

STIEBEL ELTRON ist internationaler Qualitätsführer für Haus- und Systemtechnik.