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Great Britain’s job centres get a digital revamp

The British government is investing in a digital overhaul of its job centres.

(PresseBox) (Stuttgart, ) It has been decided, among other things, that StepOver signature pads and signature capture and verification software from one of their partners should be implemented nationwide in job centres throughout Great Britain.

Using these electronic pads, job seeker signatures will be captured with the maximum precision – not only the image but also the way a person writes and how much pressure they use will be scanned five hundred times per second.

This supplies sufficient information about the individual features of the signature, which can then be identified in much the same way as a person’s fingerprint.
Job seekers must now provide six sample signatures on the signature pad the first time they use the device. On all subsequent visits, the software will compare the current signature with the stored samples and identify/verify the individual when the signature matches the stored features by at least 80 %.

Important note: Only abstract signature features are stored; no biometric data that would allow a person’s signature to be reproduced. Abuse or misuse is therefore impossible from the outset.

For more information, please read the BBC article.

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