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VMA 20th Anniversary Meeting

Speech Design, member of the VMA Board of Directors announces the next VMA 20th Anniversary Meeting, in Andorra 8-10 October, 2007

(PresseBox) (Germering, ) As operators look for innovative ways to gain competitive advantage and increase operating profits through lower OpEx and CapEx, Enhanced Voice Services have been playing a key role to achieve these business targets. It has been the prime objective of the non for profit VMA to pursue voice service innovations from an independent & unbiased perspective, serving especially the needs from Telco-Operators and Service Providers.

The VMA 20th Anniversary meeting will progressively address these central operators concerns. Contribute your ideas to the standardization of Enhanced Voice Services towards ISO and other important industry norms. The capability to predict the performance of enhanced voice services must all be centred around the customers needs. Therefore, learn about the most innovative “Customer Evaluation Tool” which bases on Sinus Milieus & Customer segmentation - with more than 40 years of experience in this field. With this you can find out success probabilities of your new services and their business cases. Learn about how business requirements and service complexity can be aligned and ranked with SEM (Speech Evaluation Model) and find out for your business needs the most effective approach to take. Learn also about the latest customer acceptance of Speech Based Classification Enabler Technologies, such as emotion detection.

Apart from these important items the VMA provides you with prime insight direct from the operators experience. The topics range from Broadband and IP Services such as IMS, Convergence Broadband / Mobile Broadband, All IP Network and VoIP. When profitability is the name of the game at the end of the day it is about ROI measurement, cost savings, ARPU and revenues; or are you considering outsourcing and the sharing of infrastructure?

Next Generation Services will break down many barriers and call for appealing solutions: Mobile TV, TV on Demand, Video 3G, Social Networking Services or IP Video Call Centers are also on the agenda. These new markets and their new competitors, such as GAMEY = G(oogle), A(ol), M(SN), E(Bay), Y(ahoo) conquer a sphere of new services in the “Web 2.0” which also carry a significant potential for voice enablers.

Last but not least - in the same fashion as last year - the VMA will set the stage again for the “Start-up Innovation Contest” where companies with less than 36 months in business and no significant customers can show their innovations.

Thus, join us already on Sunday afternoon the 7th October for this unique event in the heart of the Pyrenees Mountains. Our host STA – Andorra Telecom – will be honoured to show you this superb and unheard part of Europe.

SPEECH DESIGN Gesellschaft für elektronische Sprachverarbeitung mbH

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