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Speech Design exhibits at CeBIT 2008

Fixed-Mobile-Convergence for business customers and Call Completion / Visual Voice Mail Solutions for wireless operators are the highlights of this year´s show

(PresseBox) (Germering, ) Speech Design welcomes CeBIT visitors between March 4th and 9th to its Booth C14 in the Telecoms Hall 13. Innovations such as Business FMC (Fixed-Mobile-Convergence) and Call Completion / Visual Voice Mail for mobile networks are on display and real-life experiences can be discussed with experts.

Business FMC

Communicating via different networks (fixed, mobile, IP) has become a part of everyday business life. Crossing network boundaries is often impossible or cumbersome and costly. Fixed-Mobile-Convergence (FMC) integrates a user´s office and mobile phones into one functional unit, streamlining communications, increasing efficiency and, in many cases, reducing telephone bills. As an industry pioneer, Speech Design has been involved in Business FMC for several years and offers a complete solutions portfolio, enabling companies of all sizes to implement the „One Number, Any Device“ concept.

Teleserver Mobile Pro, the market-leading Business-FMC solution with over 1,000 installations, integrates any mobile phone as a normal extension into the corporate network. All office calls can be received or initiated on the employee´s fixed, mobile or IP phone, always using the corporate fixed-line extension number. Even in-conversation call transfer between devices is supported (start a call in your car, continue on the desktop phone or vice-versa). Convenient office PBX features, such as call forward, alternate, conference, hold, extension-dialling, etc., are now available on the mobile phone. The system integrates easily with most popular PBXs and is distributed by major PBX manufacturers and telecom dealers.

As a new offering for international service providers, Speech Design has introduced a „Transparent Mobility Gateway“ which can easily be marketed as a subscribed service. The gateway, switched between the customer´s on-site PBX and the PSTN, totally eliminates the need of proprietary PBX integration typical of other FMC solutions.
In late 2007, T-Systems became the first major service provider to launch a Business FMC service based on this innovative approach. „Octopus Mobility Services“ are offered as a per-month/per-user subscription package to all business customers on T-Systems’ national ISDN network.

Another recent addition to Speech Design´s Business FMC portfolio is a compact OEM version of the product, designed for an easy integration by PBX manufacturers into their systems. Siemens was the first global PBX maker to add this package to its HiPath 3000 system family. The optional mobility functions were integrated into Xpressions Compact, the internal voice mail card jointly developed by Siemens and Speech Design and, with tens of thousands of systems shipped, an ideal platform for the partners´ FMC initiative.

Call Completion and Visual Voice Mail for Mobile Networks

More than 40% of mobile-terminated calls are not connected because the called party is unavailable, does not answer or is busy on another call. Additionally, the traditional mobile is becoming less and less popular due to cumbersome and outdated handling.

The basic idea behind Call Completion services is to detect all calls that cannot be immediately connected for whatever reason and to offer services facilitating subsequent connection. SMS notification and/or automatic connection when the called party becomes available again, are just two examples of such permanent or on-demand services. Speech Design’s Call Completion solution, successfully implemented on both main mobile networks in Germany, is proven to increase the number of successful calls and thus the average revenue per user (ARPU). The customer benefits from significantly improved reachability.

To improve the usability and acceptance of mobile voice mail, Speech Design has launched the innovative Visual Voice Mail solution. The system “pushes” new voice messages directly to the user’s mobile phone. All messages are listed in the handset´s display and can be played back selectively and comfortably by a simple click of a button. The customer saves time and money; calling the provider´s voice mail system and sequential listening to messages is a thing of the past!
Since the solution delivers voice messages in standard MMS format, the Speech Design solution can be used with almost any mobile phone on the market. Vodafone D2 recently launched the service in Germany under the name „Vodafone Visual Mailbox“.

Speech Design will be bundling its Call Completion, Visual Voice Mail and related multimedia solutions under the new brand name Caroozo. Expect more Caroozo news in the near future!

SPEECH DESIGN Gesellschaft für elektronische Sprachverarbeitung mbH

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