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Product innovation from Sontheim - CAN-to-Ethernet Gateway eSys-IDC4E1 mit Diagnosefunktionen

(PresseBox) (Kempten / Allgäu, ) Sontheim developed eSys-IDC4E1which offers a 32-bit microcontroller, various interfaces, and built-in diagnostics functions for high performance and a wide field of applications in industrial environments. Our Multithread API SAE J2534-1 is attached to the hardware for free as a standardized interface and allows a quick and easy use of the module.

eSys-IDC4E1 allows the connection of different CAN buses over IP networks. As such, this high performance CAN-to-Ethernet Gateway provides one LAN connection and four galvanically isolated CAN interfaces. Data can quickly be transferred to a higher-level computer. In addition to the CAN-to-Ethernet Gateway function, CAN-to-CAN Bridging is also available. This enables the coupling of two CAN networks with different bit rates or protocols. CAN messages are received by a sub-network and then sent from the other subnet. eSys-IDC4E1 is also capable of executing translation and filter rules, such as protocol adaptation between the sub-networks.

For monitoring the CAN bus an active resistance measurement is implemented, as well as an error frame detection. With the help of this feature, the module is able to find errors in a CAN network. eSys-IDC4E1 possesses its own logic for detecting and counting error frames in a specific internal memory area. That is used for finding intermittent errors like falsified messages of a CAN-based component.

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