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Innovative absorber technique in sports fields in summer and ice rinks in winter from SOLKAV

SOLKAV Alternative Energie Systeme GmbH is the leading absorber technology company with various innovations and specialities

(PresseBox) (Pyhra, Austria, ) -
The Idea is based on the advantage to use surfaces in two different ways; the combination of CLASSIC SOLAR Absorber and a high class sports floor.
It can be done for swimming pool side walkways as well as for sports fields. In addition with a heat pump it’s possible to increase the temperature level on the one hand and on the other to pursue an ice-rink in winter on sports fields.

The solar absorbers are made of Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomere (EPDM), a high-grade vulcanized synthetic caoutchouc with right-angled sealing tracks. The result is a certified collector efficiency of ETA 0(h0) 81.1% according to ÖNORM M7720.

The absorber mats are glued to the supporting surface. The space between the tubes will be filled with a precisely mixed adhesive-granule mixture. Finally bonding agent will be applied and the colour-giving granule sprinkled. Installation will be realized by trained Solkav-staff or authorized partner.

CLASSIC SOLAR-absorber with heat-pump-technology
Can be deployed like SORT SOLAR as well in two different ways; for the direct heat contribution into the swimming pools and for the primary energy supply for a heat pump.
The newest invention is the appropriation of the kinetic energy for the compressor trough a gas motor.

This is a SOLKAV invention with the function of a glazed flat-plate collector and the price advantage of absorber technique.
The absorber it self is like CLASSIC SOLAR made out of high-grade EPDM and surrounded by a 100% UV-resistant polycarbonate acrylic glass that protects the absorber from wind- and radiation loses.

Like pictured before, ice rinks can be constructed in combination out of SPORT SOLAR and a heat pump. Another possibility is an ice rink with a well-defined amount of CLASSIC SOLAR absorber and a mobile chiller.