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Two STEP Awards for big steps toward a sustainable energy future

(PresseBox) (Duckwitz, ) Solarlite GmbH, based in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, is a 2011 STEP Award winner in the "Product/Technology" and "Sustainability" categories. The award was presented to it at the STEP Award Gala on November 29, 2011 in Frankfurt's Commerzbank Tower. Solarlite won over the jury with its high degree of innovation and sustainable market strategy.

Solarlite GmbH received a STEP Award in the "Product/Technology" and "Sustainability" categories on November 29, 2011 in Frankfurt. The goal of the annual STEP Award competition is to help growth firms make the next "step" toward market success and provide them with key support as they pursue further successful development.

Solarlite's innovative parabolic trough power plant won over the STEP Award jury in the "Product/Technology" category. In the "Sustainability" category, Solarlite GmbH won the award not only for its environmentally-friendly form of energy supply, but also for its cooperation with emerging countries, which helps raise awareness of environmental and climate change issues and creates local jobs. The award was presented to the company at the STEP Award Gala in the Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt.

Moritz von Plate, CFO of Solarlite GmbH, expressed his appreciation in a statement describing the company's business policy. "The market needs rapid growth and flexibility from us and the entire Solarlite team. Growing in step with the high demand for renewable energy is critical to our success. That is why we are so very pleased about this award, which we will celebrate along with the opening of our first commercial direct steam power plant in Thailand."

STEP Award - Spirit to expand

The STEP Award is a corporate competition designed to promote high-growth firms that are poised to break into the "major leagues" and have shown a "spirit to expand". The competition's initiators have teamed up with a number of sponsors and partners to help them achieve their goal of giving companies the support they need in their crucial growth phase so that they continue to develop successfully. The €100,000 STEP Award is presented to companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, life science, bio/nanotechnology, medical technology and green technology industries. Over 100 German, Austrian and Swiss companies applied for an award this year alone, while some 630 companies have applied for one since the competition was created. The main sponsors of the 2011 STEP Award are Commerzbank, Deutsche Börse, Hessen-Agentur, Merck Serono, Sanofi-Aventis and TÜV Hessen. In addition to these sponsors, there are approximately 30 other companies and institutions that act as sponsors or partners of this event. For more information about the STEP Award, go to

Solarlite GmbH

Solarlite GmbH develops and builds decentralized solar-thermal parabolic trough plants (CSP - Concentrated Solar Power) for combined heat and power generation (steam, thermal energy and power). These power plants have an electrical output in the range of 500 kWe up to more than 30 MWe. Solarlite is globally the only supplier of parabolic trough plants that can be used in different applications such as electricity production or for the stand-alone electricity consumption of small and medium-sized industrial facilities. Compared to traditional parabolic trough collectors that use thermal oil and an additional heat exchanger, the direct steam generation implemented by Solarlite is more efficient, less expensive and more environmentally friendly. Solarlite was founded in 2007 by Joachim Krüger.