Solarlite – Official Partner of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign

Duckwitz, (PresseBox) - With "Plugged to the Sun: The Kanchanaburi Project," Solarlite GmbH has become an official partner of the European Commission's Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign. As a result, the company has now joined an international network whose mission is to raise awareness of renewable energy and energy efficiency and promote innovative initiatives and technologies.

Solarlite GmbH is an official partner of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign. The company qualified for this distinction due to a project entitled "Plugged to the Sun: The Kanchanaburi Project." The Kanchanaburi Project is the first solar thermal parabolic trough energy plant in the world to be based on direct steam generation. Solarlite GmbH is the only company in the world that offers this technology in the commercial market, thereby making it possible to produce energy with almost no CO2 emissions. This power plant, which is being built in Kanchanaburi province located north of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, will have an output of 5 MWe and begin operations in 2011.

The Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign was initiated in 2005 by the European Union in order to create awareness of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Since then, the Campaign has become a global network of projects that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency. Projects from around the world can join, provided at least one project partner is based in Europe.

The goal of Solarlite GmbH is to make it possible to produce energy through innovative technologies and offer green and affordable energy on a global scale as a result. To do this, CO2 emissions must continue to be reduced in order to fulfill obligations to future generations.

Now that Solarlite GmbH has the title of "official partner," its project will be entered in the "Sustainable Energy Europe Awards Competition 2011" as part of Energy Days 2011. In addition, this project will be presented on the Web site as part of media promotional efforts.

"Plugged to the Sun: The Kanchanaburi Project" has been endorsed by the European Commission's Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign as an Official Partner"

More information about the Campaign can be found at

Solarlite GmbH

Solarlite GmbH - Solar-thermal power plants
Short description of the innovative technology and applications

Solarlite develops and produces decentral solar thermal parabolic trough plants ( CSP - Concentrated Solar Power) for combined heat and power generation (steam, thermal energy and power). These power plants have an electrical output in the range of 500 kWe up to more than 30 MWe.

Solarlite is globally the only supplier of parabolic trough plants that can be used in different applications such as electricity production or for the stand-alone electricity consumption of small and medium-sized industrial facilities. Compared to traditional parabolic trough collectors that use thermal oil and an additional heat exchanger, the direct steam generation implemented by Solarlite is more efficient, less expensive and poses no risk to the environment.

Product description

The Solarlite 4600 parabolic trough is a newly developed highly efficient product that can generate temperatures of up to 400 °C. Each panel has an aperture width of 4.6 m and is made of composite materials combined with an efficient thinglass mirror. This mirror reflects up to 95% of the sun's radiation onto the absorber pipe positioned at the ideal focus of the parabolic mirror. Water passing through the absorber pipe is heated up by the concentrated reflected sun radiation and is converted into steam in a controlled process. A turbine generator produces electricity. Residual Heat can be used for other applications like seawater desalination or absorption cooling.

The main competence of Solarlite is the knowledge around the production of parabolic troughs made of composite material at high precision for mass-production, which makes it more profitable to build smaller plants worldwide.

Solarlite Technology

A new phase in the development of solar technology has been reached with the Solarlite technology. The modular design based on combining a light composite construction and an efficient thinglass mirror is advantageous in various aspects, for example a central production independent of the power plant sites allowing different project sizes with no limitations.

The direct steam generation of water instead of thermal oil and the option of cogeneration of thermal and electrical energy makes the energy production highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

Solarlite technology is able to reduce total investment costs of a power plant project and guarantees attractive prices as well as a reliable source of energy.

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