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ScM - new cooperation with Solaronix from Switzerland

(PresseBox) (Dormagen, ) The company Solarcoating Machinery GmbH was founded in June 2006. One of the first tasks was to deliver the first 25 MW dye sensitized solar cell production plant worldwide. ScM also invented and launched the new Click & Coat™ concept for pilot coating lines with highest flexibility for product development and R&D.

ScM is your partner if you need support in the field of flexible R2R-PV, flexible electronics and handling of rigid or S2S substrates like glass or silicon cells.

The concept of ScM is to build up a platform of experts regarding the above mentioned technologies. With their cooperation partners ScM delivers engineering, design and machine-building capacity for lab lines, pilot lines and production plants single-sourced. Furthermore ScM provides R&D centres in Germany, the USA and Taiwan as well as R&D consulting and partners with chemical know-how.

Therefor ScM has won a new cooperation partner, the company Solaronix SA from Aubonne, Switzerland. Solaronix, founded in 1993 by the twin brothers Andreas and Dr. Toby Meyer, has a leading position in the production & sales of specialty chemicals related to the Dye Solar Cell, imitating natural photosynthesis. In particular, the famous ruthenium sensitizers, nanocristalline titanium oxides in various printing formulations and additives such as ionic liquids and electrolytes are manufactured inhouse for R&D markets & pilot line supplies. Solaronix also produces transparent conducting fluorine doped tin oxide (FTO) coated glasses for solar cell and electrochromic applications. For the first time FTO with excellent electrical conductivity was also coated on transparent high temperature resistant polymer, opening the way to roll-to-roll production of thin film solar cells.

Among Solaronix, ScM works closely together with excellent machinery suppliers as well as with leading institutes and universities worldwide like VTT, TNO, ISE and others to provide scientific background on new technologies.

Solarcoating Machinery GmbH

Solarcoating Machinery GmbH – the Machinery Solution Provider for Flexible Solar

Solarcoating Machinery GmbH (ScM) was founded in June 2006 and is located in Dormagen, Germany with sales offices in the USA and South Korea.

ScM delivers lab, pilot and production equipment for the complete value chain of flexible electronics. Further ScM provides R&D consulting and R&D centres.
- flexible solar cell technologies
- encapsulation/packaging of solar cells
- automation of processes for PV-modules
- flexible photovoltaic-to-substrate bonding technologies

ScM has different cooperations with machine-building companies, chemistry sup-pliers and research institutes worldwide to deliver turnkey-solutions out of one hand. One point of contact, contract and responsibility!

ScM´s first order was a 25 MW production plant for flexible dye sensitized solar cells. Further ScM developed and launched the new “Click & Coat” pilot coater concept in 2006.

In 2007 ScM works on different projects in the field of flexible a-Si, CIS, CIGS, organic PV and flexible electronics.