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Volvofinans drives its new IT strategy with Software AG technology

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- The Swedish auto financer to provide dealers with greater customization while accommodating corporate customers' unique business requirements more easily
- Software AG to provide the foundation for Volvofinans's new flexible IT infrastructure
- Software AG's CentraSite will provide the service visibility and control critical to the success of the new IT strategy

Software AG, a global leader in business infrastructure software, today announced that Volvofinans has selected CentraSite as its enterprise platform for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) governance and metadata management. The new IT infrastructure is being implemented by Volvofinans to accelerate the delivery of new products and services. With total assets of approximately €2.5 billion, Volvofinans provides financing and related services for Volvo and Renault vehicles throughout Sweden. Volvofinans currently manages nearly 250,000 loans and leases, including 350 corporate programs, with an additional one million Volvo credit cards in circulation as well. It is to this diverse customer base that Volvofinans will offer individually tailored IT services, and control of these services is critical to the success of the initiative.

"We've long recognized the business benefits of a more adaptive and reusable IT infrastructure.
However, our development of a truly flexible infrastructure has been limited until now by the lack of suitable enterprise technologies for managing and governing the resulting complexity,"said Johan Nordin, IT Manager, Volvofinans. "CentraSite from Software AG delivers the visibility and control that we need to manage a very granular, dynamic and fast-paced IT environment.This will allow us to deliver on new business requirements faster by rapidly reconfiguring existing systems into new processes and applications."

Volvofinans had been moving towards an adaptive and reusable IT infrastructure for a number of years. This would allow the company to more quickly and cost-effectively create new processes and applications from reusable service components. More specifically, Volvofinans sought to offer its seventy dealers and its fleet administrators customized and personalized IT services depending on their size or the mix of different automobile brands sold.

The challenge that Volvofinans faced was dealing with the interdependencies created by a more loosely-coupled approach to application development. After years of searching for a product that could effectively synchronize service changes throughout their environment, Volvofinans selected CentraSite. "We were thrilled to find CentraSite. It removed a fundamental show stopper in implementing fully flexible and adaptable IT infrastructure."

"The basis principles of SOA are rather straightforward. The challenge is making these concepts sustainable and manageable within complex and rapidly changing IT environments," said Dr.Peter Kuerpick, Member of the Executive Board and CPO, Software AG. "What forward-looking organizations like Volvofinans recognize is that governance is a very powerful tool. Rather than constraining users or adding layers of bureaucracy, governance is really a vehicle for applying the power of SOA in a very controlled and targeted manner."